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People Share The Funniest Pet Names Ever And They’re Beyond Creative (20 Pics)


Naming pets for pet people has always been a big deal, it’s as important as naming your baby. I am sure you’d agree with us on this. Most of us end up giving our doggos a goofy name.

The viral naming game started at the vet where Caskie Mushens – literary agent, Juliet Mushens was waiting for her client. Then she overheard some of the unique names as they came and went. She said –

“I have two British Shorthair cats, Neville and Luna, and they were there having their jabs.“

Juliet further said that she even came across were names like ‘Tinkerbell’ for a Rottweiler.” and much more such curious names are being kept by the owners.

Scroll down below to check out some of the best tweets of everything that went down.

Juliet started a twitter thread sharing the funniest animal names she’s heard at the vet



Soon, many people joined in and loved the idea






















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Written by Anukriti Ghosh

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