We all are still locked inside our houses and it seems like nothing is going to get back to normal anytime sooner. Well, don’t know about it. But what we definitely know is that this post is going to make your day. Yas!

There is a Facebook page called Dogspotting where people post pictures of cute and random dogs. In this group, someone has posted pictures of a cute little dog who looks like um, an Oreo ice cream! Since people saw the picture of this adorable little fluffer, they are going crazy after it. Well, we can’t blame them because this furry angel is that cute. 

Scroll down to check the pictures of this cute doggo.

And here’s the little Oreo woofer we’re talking about

“JUMPED OUT OF A CAR AND RAN to pet this baby on his gotchu day!!! His name is Ripley and he was an Oreo cloud,” the girl named Victoria Susman wrote in her post.
“PUPDATE for those asking: he’s half Aussie, half lab, and full angel.”

“This is probably the cutest dog I’ve ever seen,” someone commented

Just look at that little pink tongue!

After these pictures went viral, someone posted them on Reddit. Even there everyone fell in love with this Oreo ice cream-looking doggo. After this, so many people have started sharing the pictures of their furry friend who also looks like tasty and cute Oreo ice cream. scroll down to see more pictures.

Spoiler alert—all these dogs are extremely cute.

“This is my glorious dog-child. I drove out of the state to rescue him. He was returned twice by his previous adopters and spent the first year of his life basically in a small kennel at a vet’s office,” a user named gettingzen wrote

This one is named Diego and he’s a “husky/blue merle collie cross”

Here’s another Oreo woofer

“Looks a little like my Oreo dog,” someone wrote

“Similar coloring to my husky,” said madeinthemoment1954

And here’s another Oreo pup 5 years ago…

…and now

And here’s what people are saying