Nothing disappoints us more than a terrible movie that we have been waiting for a long time. But do you know you can save yourself from the torture of watching awful movies by looking out for signs? 

Of course, you can trust reviews but sometimes, reviews don’t do justice to how terrible a movie is. That’s why folks over on r/AskReddit have shared their own red flags. Scroll down to see everyone’s responses. 


When they need to save the world, but it’s just America….


When you’ve basically seen the entire plot of the movie and all main scenes in the trailer.


It has anything to do with Steven Seagal.


The preview shows a girl who’s Just Too Focused On Career to find love going back to her small hometown for whatever reason.


When the main actors name is bigger than the title on the poster.


If the whole synopsis is a terrible idea, like making a movie about emojis


When it’s a Disney remake. Solid.


If there are multiple trailers for a comedy movie, but they use the same joke in all of them.


If the character points out something that is blatantly obvious. IN A WORLD, WHERE ONE MAN, HAS TO SAVE THE WORLD. Man: ‘I have to save the world.’


Blatantly bad re-casting to the point where you wonder if it would have been better to just drop the character (Mummy 3)


Critics did not receive an advance screening in order to write a review. It means the studio is hoping to at least recover an opening weekend of ticket sales before word gets out.


If Adam Sandler is in it.



When I can tell how it’s going to end by just watching the trailer.


When the advertising is “[Famous movie] meets [Famous movie]”…


The female lead gets naked in the first 10-15 minutes.

You know they were already running on fumes for plot, so out come the ta-tas.


An exposition in which one character explains everything that’s going on to another character that should already know what is going on.


It stars Amy Schumer.


A comedian who hasn’t been funny in ten years stars in it and plays multiple roles. (Looking at you Sandler, Murphy, and Myers)



Starts with too much exposition: “Mary, just because you have a medical degree from Harvard, I’m still your older brother!”



When they hype the movies soundtrack more than the film it’s self

Ex. Suicide squad


If it’s from the studio that brought you, “insert decent movie here”. Dreamworks still milks Shrek.


Shaky cam and quick cut editing. Jumping over a fence? 20 quick cuts. Take it or leave it.


“Get ready to see ____ back in action in the big screen!” This line is used in many bad movie trailers of old properties which are made into movies


ANY movie made that stars Melissa Mccarthy where it happens to also be directed by her husband. She is incredibly funny and extremely talented as is he when they’re acting. But when he’s in the director’s chair, It always spells out “doomed-to-fail.”

28. 29.

It’s been in production for too long.

There’s always a reason, for a recent example; ‘Chaos Walking’. It changed screenwriter, director and production company so many times over 10 years but was sold on it been “A Charlie Kauffman movie starring Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland”. Kauffman left in 2013, Ridley and Holland filmed it over years due to so many reshoots and failed screenings. Then Lionsgate said the negative reviews were shocking to them.. Really??