There are plenty of services and products in the market that seems innocent but are actually scams. That’s right! These products might not bamboozle you as spammers but they surely want a part of your money without giving anything major in return. Sounds like an eye-opener, isn’t it? Of course. 

That’s why when Redditor MelteyReddit asked to share thoughts on products or services that seem harmless but are in fact scams, several people joined the thread and responded. 

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This might be unpopular but here goes…. The Catholic church. Currently worth 30 billion, the Vatican has 8 billion in assets . In 2014, it was discovered they were hiding 1.1 billion off the books. Why aren’t these funds going to the poor? In 2019 it was discovered the Vatican was heavily invested in unreported luxury apartments.

Then there’s the ugly stuff all this money is financing; Until 2014, the age of consent in Vatican city was 12. Yes. Twelve – the lowest age of consent in the world. It was only changed after the pedophilia scandal took hold. Then there’s the wide history of evils brought on by the church; the ivory trade, castration of young boys (castrada), the Spanish Inquisition, Holocaust denial, cutting funding for the poor with LGBQ ties and on and on….

The Catholic church provides a thin veneer of “good” for their followers, but for centuries they’ve been feeding corruption beneath the surface and continue to do so.


Any product that’s made by Gwyneth Paltrow




Convincing every high school kid they NEED to go to university. In reality skilled Trades or another specialized school would be the best route for a lot of people, and the pay can be very good.


Anything that says it will detox your body. That’s what your kidneys are for.


US healthcare system. I went to the ER a few weeks ago for an unknown pain in my chest and overall sh***y feeling. Got slapped with a 1500 bill with what turned out to be viral food poisoning. My brother, who is a doctor, said that was normal. Why the f**k is that normal?!


Emails and messages from corporates and celebrities that “We are in this together” during the pandemic.


That humans are here to just work and die. No way humans evolved so we can work 5 of 7 days of the week, trying to jam fun in on weekends


The whole baby product industry is based on making parents feel worthless and irresponsible if they don’t shill out for things that will be outgrown or unnecessary in six months.


Funeral services, preying on the grief of loved ones.

I understand that its really for the living to celebrate their lost loved ones, but when I’m done I just want my family to bury my dead ass in the backyard and throw a bash at the house in my honor. Doubt I’ll mind considering I’m dead.


Planned obsolescence.


Any claim that a ‘magic’ drink will help you burn fat.

No, no drink or no food can burn that — that is a pure fabrication.


Organized religion.


The wedding industry in the U.S.

$20,000 – $30,000 for a single day, stressful-as-hell event. When I learned a photographer alone runs $5000 minimum I almost puked. And a lot of venues didn’t give a s**t about covid and hosted packed weddings, resulting in deaths because “wE gOtTa MaKe MoNeY sOmEhOw” Absolute slime balls.

Now before all the vendors dog pile me, let me be clear, I’m fully aware why you guys charge as much as you do. I also hope you understand why an average person like me looks at the price and says hell no.

And for those that want a conventional wedding: If you can swing it, do whatever you want. My wife and I did a Sandals all-inclusive vaca/wedding/honeymoon, which has its own pros and cons but still a no-brainer due to the cost and convenience.


Ink cartridges for your printer are super cheap to manufacture but the retail price is really high



Any online course promising to teach you how to make money






All of the casinos in my state are video poker and video slot machines. There are barely any table games left.

No one is happy, no one is having fun. It’s just a room full of zombies feeding the machines and losing money. Every person I talk to is convinced that they know the secret formula to win. You cannot win.

It might sound trivial but the old slots were just a spinning reel. These new machines are extremely addictive. The way the lights flash and the sounds go off like: Bing Bing BING. WINNER of 40 cents. The entire thing is a psychology hack to give people the impression that they’re winning when they’re not.



The five day work week


College tuition. I graduated with a B.S. Information Technology and Computer Science. Working at a job and earning just as much as my coworkers who didn’t go to college and earned certifications. They have zero debt, while I’m $40k in the hole.


Trying to look good for men by reading women’s magazine articles! Throw those magazines away, take good care of yourself, make the best of what you’ve got and don’t be defined by someone else’s expectations of what you should be.


Recycling plastics.

Less than 10% of plastic waste is actually recycled.


Essential Oils being marketed as having these major health benefits/as treatment for illnesses. The only exception being clearing your sinuses. Some essential oils actually do pretty good work in that regard (at least for me personally… mileage will vary I’m sure).


In the US, doing my own taxes. The government literally has all my info and can do it for me, but their excuse is that “but Americans like doing their own taxes!”. No. I especially don’t like being forced to pay for a service like TurboTax either.


Apple cables


Adobe’s subscription-based monopoly