We never know what goes on at the back of a restaurant while they prepare our food. But once we work at a fast-food restaurant, we surely get to know the bitter truth of the tempting food that is served to us.

In a similar incident, an employee has shared a video of Subway tuna in making. And this video has made the people vow that they’ll never eat it again.

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The list of food items on the menu are always picture-perfect but the reality is always different. As the name suggests, fast food is served fast. And thus, restaurants try to be as quick as they can while serving these delicious dishes.

This way, they compromise the quality and prioritize the convenience.

Subway Tuna

But, now the customers are vowing that they’ll never eat the Subway tuna sandwich. An employee shared a behind-the-counter video. In the TikTok video, the employee cuts open a sealed pack of Tuna flakes and he empties the contents into a bowl.

Then, he breaks up the block in order to make the tuna look flakier. And after adding a jug of mayonnaise, and mixing it thoroughly, it looks the perfect tuna mayo that we see at the counter.

Netizens go crazy after watching the video of Subway tuna in making

Netizens go crazy after watching the video of Subway tuna in making

Netizens go crazy after watching the video of Subway tuna in making

The video was posted on June 29 and since then it has surpassed over a million views. And the people have now vowed that they’ll never eat Subway tuna again. Some people also commented “Eat Fresh” sarcastically. As “Eat Fresh” is the fast-food chain’s slogan.

Past employees comment about Subway

However, some people disagreed with the video. And argued that it is no different to tuna flakes coming out of a can and that it still tastes delicious. The comments section was also flooded with the responses from the past and present employees of Subway also.

One of them wrote, “Sis when I worked at subway the owner made us do it with our hands he wouldn’t let us use a spatula”. Do tell us your views about the viral video in the comments section below.