Becoming a mother is exciting. That’s why moms-to-be all around the world are showing off their gorgeous baby bumps. Seeing them flaunting their baby bumps is just so wholesome.

But, 1 particular mom-to-be has left the world speechless with her baby bump journey.

And everyone was in love with how unique her bump was. Yep, that’s right… was, because the momma bear welcomed her triplets into the world on her 8th month of pregnancy via C-section, making her family of 4 a family of 7.

Meet Michella Meier-Morsi and her 3 triplets Charles, Theodore, and Gabriel, who went on a rather special journey in their mom’s tummy.

And while they were all snug and warm, it’s safe to say that Michella was probably in quite a bit of discomfort.

The mom even took to Instagram on December 18 of last year to share her “toughest day to date.”

“It feels as if the stomach has grown markedly during the night.⁣ It’s heavier and harder, and I’m getting harder and harder by breathing,” she wrote.

“I sweat profusely most of the time, have the wildest heartburn all day long, am constantly thirsty and hungry – but can not manage to eat at all, because I struggle to get air when I sit up.

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“The belly now measures 136cm and is completely tense. I have started to lubricate it every other time I go to the toilet so that the skin does not hurt.⁣

“Fortunately, it is super effective. But of course, I am also constantly on the toilet,” she finished. She’s definitely a superhero.

The influencer momma has over 267,000 followers on Instagram.

But, it was a video of Michella holding her bump in her hands that garnered the attention of people on TikTok.

While 1 person wrote: “What agony,” another said: “God is wonderful, her face of happiness is the best. God give her a good birth…”

And even though many saw how beautiful the process of her pregnancy was, people still couldn’t get over the discomfort she must have felt, with another saying: “oh my god… what a pain…”

And honestly, I don’t know how she did it, because I would be absolutely terrified.

But, nevertheless, she did, being gifted with 3 beautiful little babies.

And welcoming them into the world for the first time, she shared a heartwarming message.

“And then we became three amazing babies richer,” she began.

“It has been the wildest 36 hours, where the breaks have been few, and the hearts are bursting with happiness and love.

“Fortunately, it helps when lying with three adorable boys on your chest – yep, I’ve already had the pleasure of having them all up at once. And it was completely magical!!!

“The boys have done exemplary,” she finished.

The mom even shared her stomach ten days after birth.

“It has already become significantly smaller – but it is heavy and incredibly painful,” she wrote. But, even though she’s in a little bit of pain, she’s excited for her healing journey, adding that:

“It will be exciting and nerve-wracking to see how my body plans to heal.”

We still can’t believe how strong Michella is to be able to carry around those 3 triplets.