Home designers work pretty hard to come up with never-before-seen designs to elevate the appearance of a place. But sometimes, they couldn’t execute their plans and this leads to home design failure (this is what we think). 

Seeing the increasing home design fails, a subreddit “Housing Manure” has been sharing awful pictures that will make you want to cry and scream “why?”

Scroll down to see how creative humans can get.

Does This Count?

My Eyes Hurt

This Monstrosity

“Congrats To The Neighbor Below For The New Chandelier”


2nd Floor Jacuzzi Anyone?

Think This Belongs Here

This Is Abysmal

Pleather Cabinets

This Is A Terrible Idea

Interesting Staircase Solution For Narrow Houses

This Carpeted Bathroom

This Apartment Design

How Do You F Up Designing A Garage? Like This, Apparently

Who Needs A Separate Bathroom Anyways

Martini Bathtub In A Living Room

Effective Multitasking Space

Landlord Hung The Microwave, This Is As Far As It Opens Before Hitting The Wall

Took Care Of The Bathroom Door!

At Least The Sinks Are Okay

You’ll Want To Keep This Toilet Clean

We Were Looking At Houses In Baltimore This Weekend And Came Across This Gem. There Is No Mirror In The Middle, It’s A Completely Symmetrical Bathroom That 2 People Can Use The Toilet In At The Same Time

Step Out Of A Bathtub Down A Flight Of Stairs, Anyone?

 Horrible Fridge Placement

Wait, You Wanted The Water Taps *inside* The Shower?

Textured Ceilings

My Friend’s Under-The-Stairs “Bathroom” Where The Toilet Is Diagonal And Partially Installed Into The Carpeted Wall

At Least Water Will Run Away

Don’t Mind The Curb

Load Bearing Glass

It’s Either A Very Unusable Shower Or An Uncommon Urinal

Pay £1001 To Watch Your Partner Take A S**t From The Luxury Of Your Bed

So Many Questions

Saving Space

One Closet. 6 Feet Above The Ground And No Stairs To Get To It. Why