We believe that there must be some kind of star arrangement and alignment in the sky that helps us make something delicious. Why are we saying so? It’s just that some days we bake that perfect piece of cake and pie that looks so irresistibly tasty. But somedays, we are a total failure. 

To make something tasty, delicious, and beautiful, we even take inspiration from Pinterest. But well, we still disappoint ourselves. Maybe it’s because the stars were not aligned correctly. At least, it is safe to say that. 

But we just want to say you that, darling, if you couldn’t fry eggs, if you couldn’t bake a pie, or if you literally blew up the kitchen while making something super tasty, you are not alone. That’s such a relief, right? We know. And to make you feel better, we have collected 35 pictures of people who failed in the kitchen. 

P.S. Don’t get inspired. (Wink-Wink)

#1 We Tried To Make “Ladybug Rolls”

#2 Tonight Was Foreign Culture Night In My House So I Decided To Cook A Traditional Dish From Pompeii

#3 Sausage Rolls

Jessica Clark-Bojin, a pie expert has given a few tips ahs tricks for working in the kitchen. “Kitchen ‘mistakes’ can range from the catastrophic, ‘I forgot the pot roast in the oven and now the kitchen is on fire’ to the more benign, ‘I accidentally put paprika in the cookies instead of cinnamon’, but in most instances, they stem from the same thing: distraction and a lack of preparation.”

“Make sure you have all the ingredients you need before you start baking. Work ‘mis-en-place’ and have all the bowls, spoons, tools, etc. cleaned and out on the counter ready for you. Measure out dry ingredients in advance, and (if called for) portion out wet ingredients and chill in the fridge. Clean up pots and pans while your mixture bakes,” Jessica shared.

#4 I Was Making Home Made Chicken Stock. After Simmering For Hours, The Recipe Said To Pour It Through A Strainer. God Damn It

#5 Yikes

#6 My Friend Made A “Hedgehog” For Her 14-Year-Old Son’s Birthday

She also said, “taking the few extra minutes to prep will give you a lovely stress-free baking experience!” “We have family members who are vegetarian, vegan, celiac (and just plain fussy) and it’s not always possible for the cook to taste what they are making for everyone else. But you can always bring in a pinch-taster and get a second opinion!”

#7 Husband Tried To Make A Dolphin For My Cocktail. It’s The Cutest Eel I’ve Ever Seen

#8 My Sister Made Some French Fries

#9 Creepy Pancake

#10 Someone Left A Bread Pudding In The Back Of The Oven For 5 Days. So Here Is My New Pet Rock, Charlie

#11 My Apple Broke The Apple Cutter And Now I Have A Weapon

#12 Friend Sent Me This. Composition: “Dad Tried To Make Wine”

#13 My Night After Work

#14 Found The Spoon, Honey

#15 Go To Make Pasta, The First Pot Slips And I Pour It All On The Ground. Make A Second Pot And The Handle Straight Up Breaks And My Pasta Goes Everywhere. Didn’t Eat; Had A Lil Cry

#16 Boiled An Egg This Morning And I Think Something Went Horribly Wrong

#17 I’ll Never Be Someone’s Bride

#18 Thought You Guys Might Like This Pie I Baked

#19 So My Wife Grilled Corn Tonight. For 2 1/2 Hours

#20 This Sums Up My Day. Why Isn’t My Stock Simmering… It’s Been Over An Hour

#21 I Baked Some Strawberry Cakes In Cat-Shaped Pans, Then Iced Them. They Came Out Looking Like Burn Victims

#22 5 Minutes Before Closing After A 12-Hour Shift

#23 I Tried To Bake

#24 This Cake

#25 I Was Told You Guys Might Appreciate This. Made A Pie Today. Dropped A Pie Today

#26 Bake Bread They Said. An Overnight Rise Will Taste So Good They Said. Put In The Fridge They Said. It’s So A Rewarding Hobby They Sai

#27 Happy Thanksgiving From My Little Sister’s First-Ever Turkey

#28 Guess I Cut It A Little Too Hard

#29 Broiled Sids

#30 Apparently Using A Syringe To Inject The Filling Of A Jelly Bun Doesn’t Work That Well

#31 My Sister Made My Brother A Birthday Cake

#32 My Submission For Dumbest Way To Injure Yourself: I Burnt My Hand Taking Tomato Soup Out Of The Microwave. The Toast I Was Making Popped Up And It Scared Me

#33 Tried Cooking A Sweet Potato In My New Air Fryer Today

#34 Attempted To Make Flower Pancakes For My Wife As A Mother’s Day Surprise But They Ended Up Looking Like Corona Cakes

#35 This Is What Defeat Looks Like