Dogs & kids can have a super special bond and we think you might know it. But what you don’t know is that sometimes kids can irritate dogs. Yes, it’s possible especially when the proud parents and dog owners won’t take their responsibility seriously. 

You might think that we are joking but sadly, we are not. There are a few incidents where the carelessness or we can say, the negligence of parents is inviting problems. And the worst part- after all this, the cute doggies get labeled as dangerous animals. (We know this is not right)

Well, dogs are very cute and funny but some kids & parents just won’t understand that even the nicest ones can bite. To show how dangerous it is to mistreat pets, we have found one picture and no one is happy seeing it. 

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Cynologist Mindaugas Sejunas says that “There are many videos on the internet that show children riding dogs. Everyone brags about how well their child and dog get along. Many only have a dog to keep the child entertained, some believe it is an excellent guardian. This is a mistake and it can end in tragedy”.

At last, all we want to say that “Children must learn that a dog is not a toy. It is crucial that the child is supervised when interacting with dogs. Parents should teach children how to treat them, play with them, and enjoy their company. That they are not to be disturbed when they eat or sleep or they may become angry. Mutual respect is key. Educate your children about how to treat animals.”