Certain times we see things that we are not supposed to. And these things stick with us forever. These 11 Redditors have also seen such creepy things, which they are revealing today.

Keep reading to know what these people saw that they were definitely were not supposed to see.

1. Their Dad Warned Them Not To Look

From Redditor u/sublimeradish:

My family is into hunting. Usually, we hunt wild boar. Also, we hunt for any pest control that needs to be taken care of on our properties.

This one day, while driving to my uncle’s farm late at night, we turned a corner. There we saw a few men with rifles on their backs to the side of the road. They all were standing around what looked like some skinned pig or kangaroo. That’s when my dad started yelling at us, “Don’t look, don’t look,” but I, of course, stared out my window.

As I had seen plenty of dying animals before, I wasn’t (and still am not) scared of blood. That’s why I was confused as to why my dad was so shaken. As we passed, the men all turned and looked at us, and the animal also turned to look at us. But it wasn’t an animal. It was a man stripped and beaten to an inch of his life curled up on the ground.

I remember looking at my dad from the back seat. He was gripping the wheel so tightly his elbows were locked, and he was staring straight ahead. Dad called the cops once we got to the farm, but they said they didn’t find anything. I don’t know if my dad knows I saw it, too, but we’ve never driven that road in the dark again.

2. They Found A Murder Room

From Redditor u/beelzebob808:

This story goes back to a few years ago when we were searching for our first home. While I was in the basement of one of the places, I noticed a light switch that seemed out of place. I was flicking the switch when my wife and agent came down the stairs. That’s when my agent noticed a bit of light coming from underneath the drywall framing the stairs.

After inspecting for a while, I found a very tiny passage between the foundation wall and the backside of the stairs. The passage opened up into an undisclosed renovation. The room was wholly rubberized with an industrial hose and showerhead. Walls, ceilings, and flooring were all rubber. It was 100% a secret murder room.

Seeing that my agent called the cops and 48 hours later, the listing was removed.

3. They Witnessed The Aftermath Of An Accident

From Redditor u/scratchnot:

I witnessed this incident when I was ten years old. When we were driving through an accident traffic jam, I was looking through the backseat window of a car. That time, I saw a body lying in the street covered with a small tarp.

As we were passing, the strong wind blew the tarp. That’s when I saw that there was just a torso. The head area had been completely flattened by the tire of the truck that ran over it. Still have that picture in my head.

4. They Took A Wrong Turn And Saw A Skinless Primate

From Redditor u/I_Transmogrify:

I’m a sales rep, and I was in a rural hospital’s pathology department. While looking for the meeting room, I got lost. So, I started opening doors to find someone for help. After opening the first door, I saw a primate of some sort (not human) suspended by its wrists. It had all of its skin flayed off. I think it was a primate corpse that was going to be used for anatomy lessons.

But it scared me because the skin was removed from the skull. However, the eyeballs remained. As I entered the room, it almost looked like it was staring at me.

Pathology departments in small-town hospitals are creepy as hell.

5. They Saw A Robbery In Motion

From Redditor u/HeartStoneTV:

One night while I was still living in my parent’s house, our dog started barking viciously. It was around 11 pm. Usually, our dog barks at cats in the front yard. Also, the dog can move around in the backyard.

But something about his bark was different. That’s why I walked to the window to see what was going on. I froze after looking out of the window. That’s because a man was also looking through the same window. After a few seconds, he ran off. And a couple of weeks later, when we came home after work, all of our electronics were gone.

6. They Found A Body

From Redditor u/Wellick342:

When I was nine, my uncle was babysitting me. That’s when I went to work with him for the day. He was a landlord for some buildings in a city at the time. He had complained that an older woman hadn’t been seen in a few days by the neighbors. The woman was living on the ground floor. And maybe, the door was locked from inside with a chain or something.

He had me climb in through the window to open the front door for him. But after crawling through the window, I followed an awful smell towards the bedroom. That’s when I found this lady face up on the ground, dead. Well, the place was a mess.  I didn’t immediately associate the bad smell with death, but I bolted to the front door and watched them take her away in the ambulance—weird day.

7. Their Brother Was A Near Amputee

From Redditor u/tre3fla_:

I woke up to the sound of an angle grinder. I thought it was my younger brother because he cut stuff. But after some time, I heard a noise of liquid splashing – a sound you only hear in horror movies. I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not because I was half-asleep. Seconds later, my brother walked into my room holding his nearly-severed right hand with his other hand so it would not fall off his body. He looked at me and told me not to let him die. I was in shock.

I picked something like a towel and quickly put that around his arm and called 911, but I was so shocked I couldn’t even talk for like a minute. I put myself together and told the operator what happened, and waited for the ambulance. I don’t know how long it took for them to arrive, but all that time, I sat there with my brother, trying to keep him awake. I watched how slowly the light in his eyes faded. He passed out a few times. There was no time for an ambulance to get him to a hospital fast enough, so they called a helicopter.

I went out of the house to get some air while they did their stuff. The first thing I saw was the angle grinder with the power cable cut off and a bloodline two meters long. My brother survived. He can move that arm and even carry stuff with it but lost most of its dexterity which is terrible because he is right-handed.

8. They Found A Home Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

From Redditor u/ChickenNuggz4lyfe

It happened when I was around six years old. At that time, we were living in a town population of roughly 30. And everyone was several miles apart. One day, I was walking with my dad wearing a Spider-Man costume on the gravel roads. That time, we saw an old, overgrown road that is barely noticeable anymore and walked down it a bit.

Surprisingly, there was an old abandoned house, which looked straight out of a horror movie. Seeing the house, I went inside with my dad. But he noticed several things being off, like fresh food and signs someone had been living there. We went out quickly and returned home. It turns out an escaped criminal was living in that building for a while.

After coming home, I have rewarded a nice warm bowl of macaroni and cheese. And my dad talked to a countless number of police officers. The mac and cheese was the best gift to give a young crime fighter.

9. They Saw Pictures Of Murder Victims

From Redditor u/nogotdangway:

I worked for defense lawyers who represent VERY high-profile prolific serial slayer in our area. One day, we got a ton of boxes back from storage so they could look for something. I looked in a box labeled “pictures,” and once I started looking, I couldn’t stop. I swear I didn’t sleep for a week.

10. They Saw Someone Make An Impromptu Mouse Trap

From Redditor u/very-edge-of-space:

It was one of those times when I was backpacking on the Appalachian Trail. I was staying in a multistory shelter. Rodents notoriously overrun this type of shelter. That’s why it’s essential to store food/hygiene stuff in a tree. You share the barn with like five to 10 strangers, and it’s usually a fun way to make new friends.

One day I was in the loft and woke up to a thudding noise. The noise came every two to four minutes. So, I poke my head down the ladder. I saw that a dude was sitting there super still. He had a red light headlamp pointed down at some peanut butter crackers. A rat went for the cracker, and he slammed a knife into it and PILES IT ONTO A STACK OF DEAD RODENTS. I was scared, but the dude turned out to be chill and made everyone coffee the following day. He totaled 13ish rats. We had a funeral pyre for them.

11. They Learned An Awful Family Secret

From Redditor u/_kuchi-kopi_:

Have you ever Googled your name?

One time in high school, my friend Googled my name. He found a picture of an obese man and thought it was hilarious. So, even I googled his name. Then I found a mug shot of a guy, which kind of looked like him. Then I started to tease him. He looked at me dead serious and said, “That’s my dad.” I said, “Crap, dude. Sorry, I didn’t know.” He said, “It’s fine,” and explained that the reason his dad got arrested was for trying to stab his mom. Really awkward…