People are suspicious of Soulja Boy Game Consoles

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The 23-year-old rapper DeAndre Cortez Way, also known as Soulja Boy, began selling SouljaGame consoles and handhelds, although they are actually just outside the brand simulators that can be found elsewhere.

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Known for its 2007 first Crank That (Soulja Boy), the Soulja Boy released the console and handheld on Twitter this morning, bringing followers to his personal store, SouljaWatch, which also sells Bluetooth headsets. Smart watches, etc. However, fans immediately noticed that these were not original systems and could be found elsewhere, much less than what Soulja Boy had to offer.

The SouljaGame console may contain more than 800 pre-installed games (although no specific list is provided), AV and HDMI inputs, and two DualShock controllers, visually similar to the Xbox One S, run on SO Linux 3.0. Even with the accompanying games from PlayStation 1, Arcade, Nintendo Entertainment, GameBoy Advance, etc., it also claims to be made in 4K resolution.

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The key art of Tekken and Tomb Raider is used for promotional materials on the site, although it is unlikely to be licensed to use these IPs – IGN has contacted Bandai Namco and Square Enix for comment.

The SouljaGame handheld device may have more than 3,000 pre-installed games that can download more and run 3-inch screens. Unlike the SouljaGame console, the site claims that the device can play Switch, 3DS, Life and other games, although the games in the basic art seem to be primarily GameBoy Advance games, and there are no claims for the images they support device.

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However, these same analog devices can be found in ANBERNIC’s favorite online store, both of which are much less than those offered by SouljaBoy. The basic price of SouljaWatch is $200 (although they are currently discounted), while on the ANBERNIC website, the basic price of a handheld device is $73, while the console runs for $106. They can even be found on Amazon at dirt cheap price.

For a while, Soulja Boy has been a fan of public video games, and IGN proved this in an interview with him in 2009. He is also an entrepreneur, and after his second release, he announced a web-based animated series of albums and has been working on music production.

Source: ign

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