There are so many majestic and colorful birds that are blessing this nature with their presence. Like fluffy owls, regal eagles, magnificent Hawkins, and more. However, colorful, big-beaked toucans always top the list when it comes to being the true king of all animals. 

Toucan is a whole different kind of bird with the biggest beak. While their beak might not look that big, when you see their skull, you will notice the difference. 

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Toucans are amazing birds and here are some interesting, cool, and weird facts about them

A toucan’s bill has a network of blood vessels and the bird expands them to cool down its body temperature—just like the elephants use their big ears

Here’s how baby toucans look

Cute, right?

A toucan’s tongue looks strangely like a feather and can be as long as 6 inches (15 centimeters)

Due to the sheer size of the beak, it would be sensible to think it weighs a fair amount, but actually, due to the little air holes the beak is actually quite light

An X-rayed toucan’s beak

Belize has the rainbow-billed toucan as its national bird

People couldn’t help but make toucan-related jokes and puns