It is never too late to get ready for Halloween. And it seems like other pet parents are taking this thing seriously. While some want their furry friend to be cute and lovey-dovey all the time. There are a few pet parents who want their furry friends to scare others. And to make sure that their dogs scare every single soul that it sees, they have got scary novelty werewolf muzzles for them. 

If you want to try something new, even you can get a muzzle for your dog that looks exactly like the snarling jaws of a rabid werewolf. Till the time you get one, you can scroll down to see how scarily and amazingly a muzzle can transform your little pooch. 


No matter whether your puppy looks super cute or not because as long as he is wearing a werewolf muzzle, he can scare anyone. Whenever your furry friend is weaning this crazy muzzle, he will look like he wants to tear a chunk of flesh out of somebody’s leg. And it can give a mini heart attack to anyone. 

So if you are going to walkies with your dog to the local park, you can avoid this muzzle as it might give a hard time for your furry friend to making new friends. The muzzle’s massive plastic bloodstained teeth are so scary so it’s not the best idea to have your dog wearing it all the time.


According to SpookyPup’s listing, their werewolf muzzle is supposed to be hilarious and scary at the same time. This muzzle is perfect if you want to go with your furry friend for an annual Halloween hunt of candy and chocolate. This muzzle is available in three different sizes i.e. small, medium, and large. This means that no matter whether you have a big doggo or a smaller one, you can find one werewolf muzzle for your dog. 

Although this muzzle is supposed to be just for fun, it raises a few serious questions. First, dogs who generally wear muzzles are seen as dangerous. And second, it is not good muzzling a dog.


But the fact is that if an owner has muzzled his dog, it shows that he is very responsible. How? It’s simply because a dog wears a muzzle for a number of different reasons other than being dangerous. Like a dog can wear a muzzle if he has recently been injured. Not to mention that pain can make even the friendliest pooch go mad. Others make their dog wear a muzzle when he eats everything that he sees on his way. Be it a pebble or a bug, the naughty dog wants to taste it.

But if you are still worried about being seen as a cruel pet parent when you make your pooch wear a muzzle, make sure you train him well. And he won’t disappoint you. 


There are a few dog owners who say that every dog parent must make it a habit for their pets to wear a muzzle from an early age. It’s just because there will come a situation when your dog will need it. So that time it will be great for him to adjust in a muzzle. But unfortunately, not all dogs love muzzles.

If you want your furry friend to wear a muzzle without going crazy, you should introduce the muzzle in a fun way to him. Give him plenty of compliments, treats, and lots of love. And watch him become a good boi in a muzzle.


“Looks great. Fits a little loose but that could just be me getting the wrong size, a little bit confusing.”



“Ordered this just for fun and it is worth every penny. Made well, fits well, and looks fantastic! I’m so glad I ordered it!”




” Love the spooky teeth muzzle. My German Shepherd pup wore it on Halloween and seriously got more reactions and compliments than my kids did. It’s made very well and shipped extremity fast. Definitely would recommend this to anyone.”



“This thing is great! I wouldn’t suggest it as an actual muzzle if your dog is super aggressive. But as just a precaution or as a costume it’s very cute. It worked very well for my pup in both the haunted house we worked at and in the creative grooming competition we competed in.”



“I bought this for Halloween. I think it looks a little goofy but fits like described( large for a lab) and looks like the picture.”








“Great! My dog is from the shelter and she is very shy. Kids always try to pet her and she is horrified!! Put this on and she gets confidence!”





“This is a pretty cool looking muzzle. And the durability isn’t bad either. I would definitely recommend it.”



“The medium was the right size for my husky, but I got large. I’m happy with it because she has extra space to drink water with it. And it’s very easy to adjust she never fights when I put it on. I just got it for when new people come to my house that my dog doesn’t know, she can be a bully to strangers and has a small nipping issue if she hasn’t warmed up to you.”




“Size was a bit big for my shepherd but for Halloween, it will work. Just to have her dressed up and a sense of relief to take the kids out. It is super hard plastic and a nice sturdy clip to attach behind the head”