We are humans and we can make mistakes. And after doing something wrong, we come with the most unique and funniest excuse. But none of those excuses were as funny as saying “not my job”. 

 The ‘Not My Job’ subreddit is all about this. It shares pictures of people who are dedicatedly doing their job, just not in a very good way. 

Scroll down to see these lazy beings who don’t care about what they are doing. 

Security Dog

Got The Chatbot Working, Boss

Printed The Sign, Boss

Care To Elaborate??

I Mean, It’s Important To Follow Safety Protocols

Previous Owners Built This House, Told Us There Was Insulation In The Roof. True Story

That’s Good To Hear

Painted The Lines Boss

Updated Our Working Hours, Boss

“I’m A Painter, Not An Exterminator.” -This Person Probably

Labeled The Sports Boss

Made The Error Message Boss

Not Sure How This Made It Through Proofreading, Peer Review, And Copyediting

Just Moved Into My New Apartment And Saw This

Delivered The Package Boss

Instead Of 2 A’s And 2 E’s, We Got 4 A’s In This Happy New Year Balloon Pack

Proud Of The Local Crew And It Only Took Them A Month

Rail Installed, Boss!

Made The Warning Label Boss

Pasted The Poster Boss!

The Chosen One

Best Before

Got The Un Logo Boss

Finished The Road Surfacing, Boss

Straight Lines Painted Boss!

I Dressed The Mannyqween Boss

It’s Not My Job To Dress The Mannequins

I Asked For Extra Cheese. It Might Have Been His First Day

Trained Everyone Up On The Security System, Boss

Wrote The Cleaning Instructions Boss

Beware Don’t Take Your Kids Here On Sundays

Made The House Frame, Boss!

I Mean He Was Just Told To Put An Image

Installed The Stove, Boss

Installed Anti Theft Tags On Collectibles Boss