Recently, TikTok mom-influencer Nevada Shareef asked parents something that resonated with many. “Name something about the way you raised your kids that people think is weird but you think is healthy,” she made an announcement in the clip, excited to hear different parenting styles.

Cayce LaCorte got a perfect moment to talk about her illuminating her parenting style. her video has been watched for more than 2.2. million times. She debunked the myths around virginity and explained how she has raised her five daughters to believe that there is no such thing. “It is a patriarchal concept used to control women and serves no purpose,” she stated.  We want you to scroll down to learn more about what she said.  Remember to tell you what are your thoughts about the  whole idea shared by Cayce.

Cayce LaCorte, the mom of 5 daughters, has recently gone viral for debunking the virginity myth in her TikTok video

Cayce’s clip has been watched 2.2 million times already

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Initially, another TikToker, Nevada Shareef, asked people to share their parenting styles that may look odd to others but are in fact good for their kids

And Cayce replied with a strong statement

Hiptoro reached out Cayce Lacorte to know more about her ideas. She is a mother of five daughters and has been raising them incrediabely. She told us, that when she debunked on TIkTok about virginity many women and men wrote to her, “’never thought about it’ and how as soon as I brought it up, they whole-heartedly agreed.”

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“It’s such an ingrained part of our society that most people don’t even register it anymore but the minute you bring it up, they’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s bullshit,’” Cayce told us.

This is her username @book_mama on TikTok said that “There is still so much pressure placed on young men and women surrounding virginity that if we remove that thinking, it opens up a whole other avenue of thought and healthy conversation.”

Cayce said that fortunately, the majority of the comments are “supportive and amazing.” However, “there are a handful of people who think I’m going to wreak havoc on their way of life, and to be honest I think a little havoc could be good for them.”


For parents who do not bring up a conversation about sensitive topics with their kids, Cayce suggested to tell your kids that you’re uncomfortable because “brutal honesty works wonders.”

“It could be something as simple as, ‘I’m not super comfortable talking about this, but those are my issues, not yours. I want you to know you can come to me so just be patient and we’ll get through this together.’”

The woman also believes that there’s no crime in admitting your faults to your kids. “It actually can help them see you as a pestrson, not just a parent, and trust you more. I tell my girls that I’m sorry all the time. If I lose my temper, I’m fir to stop and admit I’m stressed about something else, it’s not fair to take it out on them, I’m sorry, and I’ll try and do better next time.”

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Cayce believes that “the sooner we stop trying to prove to our kids that we’re perfect, the sooner they’ll accept and love their own flaws.”

Cayce also said that she gets criticism for her views

She told Hiptoro that as a fiction writer, her dream has always been to get her “big break.” “In all of those fantasy scenarios, I get an agent, a publishing deal, and have plenty of time to market and promote my book, then eventually (hopefully) success.”

Her strong message sparked questions, but Cayce was happy to elaborate on it further in another video

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But, “this recognition came out of nowhere. While I appreciate all the love and support I’ve gotten, it just snuck up on me. I have a hard time accepting a compliment, much less the raging validation that’s happening right now.”

At this point, Cayce said that she’s afraid she likes it too much. “I’ll get a big head and full of myself; if I don’t accept the attention and opportunities it brings, I’ll be missing out on something wonderful.”

“We all have our own hang-ups, and I guess mine is loving the support/validation but being terrified I’m not good enough to deserve it,”

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Another person asked how to discuss “whether it’s the right time” with your kids and this is what Cayce had to say about it

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Many people praised Cayce for opening such an important conversation