PayPal revealed last week that they would cancel the accounts which are used by the far-right group such as Proud Boys along with many accounts of numerous anti-fascist groups. This move that PayPal has initiated will make it harder for the anti-fascist groups to raise online money.

Source: theguardian

Decision that has PayPal is about to embark is the latest and recent act of “de-platforming” the industry such as technology. As the tech industry allows groups such as Proud Boys to effectively handle the users who facilitate violent or hateful ideologies.


Blake Montgomery of BuzzFeed reported the new for the first time. The ban is going to include the accounts used by Proud Boys along with the accounts used by Gavin Antifa according to PayPal.

Source: theguardian

The money transfer company is also going to cancel the accounts for Antifa Sacramento, Atlanta Antifa and the infamous Anti-Fascist Network. Previously PayPal has cancelled the accounts related to Antifa Arkansas, Rose City Antifa, Antifa Philadelphia and Belfast Antifa.


PayPal has also reportedly cancelled another account which is used by Tommy Robinson who is the former leader of the English Defence League, a far-right group. Like numerous tech platforms which are grappling with best of the company’s policies which they are trying to enforce.

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Source: theverge

A PayPal spokesperson has revealed that it is an utter necessity to strike a balance between upholding open dialogue and free expression and to protect the principles of tolerance, respect along with diversity. This might be a tough challenge when it comes to people and for the companies which people are grappling with as of now.


A statement was posted to Twitter where Atlanta Antifa has been seen decrying about getting banned along with the far-right group by saying that their group is rejecting the stance of ‘both sides’ which are taken by PayPal and the twitter post also added that the actions are related to self-defence to the community.