Patrick Warburton is tired of having to say sorry for Family Guy.

The 58-year-old American actor has been in many shows, such as Seinfeld, Ellen, and Rules of Engagement, and is known for his many roles. But none of these shows last as long as the US animated sitcom Family Guy, where the actor has been for a long time.

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Seth MacFarlane made the show in 1998, and it first aired the following year. Since then, it has become one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, animated or not.

Family Guy has been on for 21 seasons and has had more than 400 episodes. The show is known for its close-to-the-knuckle humor, and MacFarlane once said:

Family Guy likes to hold a mirror up to society and say, ‘Society, you’re ugly.’

Patrick Warburton

Joe Swanson, played by Patrick Warburton, is a paraplegic police officer known for his strength and short temper. He has been in the show longer than any other character.

After being in more than 270 episodes of the show, Joe’s most popular storylines include the ones where his teenage neighbor Meg Griffin falls madly in love with him and the one where Joe leaves his friends and family after getting a leg transplant.

Now, even though it’s clear that many people find Family Guy funny, there are also many who think it tries to be funny “too much.” A source says that even Warburton’s mother, Barbara Warburton, a member of the Parents Television Council, has said that the show “sends the wrong messages to children.”

But her son doesn’t think he needs to say sorry, as he recently said:

I used to apologize for being on Family Guy, and I apologize no more because this world is a horrible native satire.


Everybody takes themselves too seriously, and… I think in many ways become an overwhelming mess,

Patrick Warburton added.

But we need humor in our lives, and we need love and humor, acceptance. It’s all rather simple.

During the interview, Patrick Warburton also talked about how his mother raised him and how he was raised religiously.

I was brought up very Catholic. My father was in the monastery for three months,” he said, adding: “That being said, my mother was worse than my father.

I mean, she has scrupulosity, so it’s all religion all the time with my mother. Cut to, like, two years ago, when my wife’s doing, she finds out that I’m actually 12.4% Ashkenazi Jew.

A source says that Mrs. Warburton said she had prayed to God that her son would quit his role on Family Guy.

Even though MacFarlane and the show often stay within the boundaries of what is funny, the show’s creator has revealed a joke that he thinks went too far.

During an interview for the USA show, Out of Character with Krista Smith, MacFarlane, who voices many of the show’s characters himself, said which joke from season one he’d “rather not have done.”

As per a source, MacFarlane said:

The JFK Pez Dispenser was something I would probably not do now.

If you need a reminder, that joke came from the episode “A Hero Sits Next Door” and shows a police sniper shooting at a John F. Kennedy Pez Dispenser. (Which… yeah, we can see why some people wouldn’t want to see that on their screens.)

Tropic Thunder, a comedy from 2008 that has been criticized for a long time, is another example of someone who won’t say sorry for something. But actor Ben Stiller recently defended the film and said he won’t apologize for the controversial movie either.