People have many different perspectives about tipping and tipping culture, but there is one technique that almost everyone agrees is incorrect.

You may believe it is a necessary expense to put money in the pockets of the hardworking and chronically underpaid or that it is a payment to support a flawed system that screws over the server and consumer.

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Those of you may even believe that tipping culture has gone too far. Those services you didn’t tip for previously now expect you to hand up extra cash, making determining the appropriate thing to do difficult.

However, there is one tipping ‘technique’ that is most likely to make the person serving you your food despise you.

We’re not saying they’d be spitting in your meal or anything, but you’d quickly become the least popular person in the restaurant.

Passive aggressive tipping

Someone very proud of their idea posted it to Facebook a few years ago and claimed it was the way to “the best service of your life,” and everyone else agreed it was a passive-hostile d**k move of the highest kind.

This ‘technique’ is placing five $1 bills on the table as soon as you sit down and then taking a bill away for each error you believe they made about your service.

Suddenly, every interaction with your server is scrutinized, and any perceived inaccuracy results in the removal of tipping payments.

Individuals poked holes in this proposal, not least because a $5 tip would be a very small sum for many individuals who choose to dine out for the evening.

There’s some disagreement about how much you should tip, and it varies depending on whatever country you’re in, but $5 is a small sum, and if you’re pulling out money for every blunder, that figure will soon fall even lower.

Passive Aggressive Tipping

Passive aggressive tipping

When word got out, the internet didn’t hold back, criticizing the notion as a ‘c**t act’ carried out by ‘sad little trashy individuals.’

A server chimed in on the topic, saying that only ‘condescending b******s’ would pull a prank like that, and she swore to ‘do my hardest to make your food unenjoyable’ to disagreeable customers.

It is said that being polite costs nothing; therefore, being pleasant to someone who has a hectic job with a lot to mentally and physically juggle shouldn’t be too difficult.

Others pointed out that the same technique was employed in the comedy Cheers and Third Rock From The Sun.

Third Rock From The Sun showed a family of aliens who crashed on Earth and had no concept of how to behave appropriately, whereas Cheers ended with the tipper getting a whole drink of beer spilled over his head for being impolite.