Paris Hilton has also announced that she will run for President after Kanye West declared that he will run for the President in the upcoming elections. The rapper announced that he will try to make America great again by running for the President of the United States on the fourth of July via Twitter, and even since it is getting crazier.

Since Kanye can’t get his name off the ballots in every State within four months, it is not possible for him to win. But it seems that another celebrity in the form of Paris Hilton has been inspired by West’s decision, and has joined the race to become the next US President.

Paris Hilton for President has gone Viral

Hilton announced her candidacy for President with a series of joking tweets and Twitter users are having a field day with it. The hashtag #ParisforPresident has gone viral and most of the Twitter users are thinking that the year 2020 just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Some of the people are playing along with the joke and have replied that they will prefer Paris Hilton over Kanye West and Donald Trump in the White House any day.

Whereas some of the people have really gotten serious, and are urging people not to vote for Hilton or Kanye as the election is too important to be wasted on a joke candidate.

Americans are really fed up with all the drama and want to end the rule of President Trump as soon as possible. The COVID-19 pandemic has the biggest effect on the United States with the maximum number of cases and one-fourth of the total deaths across the world.

It won’t be the first time that Paris Hilton has been connected with the Presidential Elections as GOP Candidate John McCain referred Hilton in his 2008 campaign to which Hilton replied via a Funny or Die video.