Times have changed. Technology has made our lives better. And with this change, the way how our parents punish us for doing something mischievous has also changed. Let’s say, parents, have gotten even more creative.

For example, take this parent who took their daughter’s phone away as a punishment. With that, they even took over their daughter’s social media accounts turning it into the most hilarious experiment.

Sometimes parenting takes creativity.

When Tawnya Ford and Larry Sumpter found out their 15-year-old daughter, Madelynn, helped to sneak some boys into a sleepover they didn’t get pissed, they got even.

They gave their daughter two choices for punishment: Lose her phone for a month or lose it for two weeks, but they would have access to her social media accounts.

Decisions, decisions.

Surprise, surprise, she chose to only lose her phone for two weeks.

Little did she know that she would be regretting that decision almost immediately. Ha, ha, ha!

So they got to work and started posting a ton of funny videos all over Madelynn’s TikTok account.

And it wasn’t long before the whole idea went totally viral.

They even created a YouTube channel where they shared some of their shenanigans.

The videos are super cute and fun. Check them out at Big Family Bigger Fun.

Madelynn’s dad also posted some hilarious pictures on his daughter’s Instagram account with equally funny captions like this one.

The pictures have been getting a lot of likes.

I wonder what Madelynn’s friends thought of this #ParentTakeover idea.

I bet they’re pretty scared their own parents might get a similar idea if they ever misbehave. Hee, hee.

I’m sure when other kids heard about this it sent a shiver down their spine just imagining what their parents could do to their social media accounts.


I don’t think any kid wants to see this all over their social media.

OMG, that’s so funny. Looks like the dad is having way too much fun.

In fact, Maddie tried to change her choice one she saw what her parents were up to but her dad refused saying he was having too much fun to stop.

He looked like he enjoyed dishing out this punishment.

I totally don’t blame him, after all, this looks like the best punishment I’ve ever heard of.

Thank goodness there were no social media when I was growing up.

All I had to worry about when I was a kid was to be sent to the corner, having no toys, or having to eat something disgusting for dinner.

LOL! This is much, much worse.

I dunno if I could handle my folks taking over my social media for the whole world to see.

Yeah, I don’t think I would be too happy about that.

What do you think about these parents’ punishment idea?

Is it too silly or totally brilliant? Would you do this to your misbehaving teenager? I’m totally loving this.