Even though parenting is hard, there are some hilarious reasons to enjoy it. Now and then your kids would give you a reason to laugh even if it’s the most absurd thing. There a lot of situations for kids to show their crying talent. Some parents couldn’t ignore such hilarious reasons and decided to share it with everyone.

Let’s have a look.

1) The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t actually golden in color.

2) We can’t let him swim. It’s 6 degrees. Also, he can’t swim. (C’mon KID!)

3) I wouldn’t let him eat batteries for breakfast.

4) She wanted ravioli for dinner. So I made ravioli. She didn’t want ravioli for dinner.

5) Can’t pick up the book because you’re sitting on it.

6) I told her she can’t go inside the dishwasher.

7) I refused to switch off the sun so his pumpkin could light up.

8) Told her she can’t go for a bath because she just came back from having a bath. 

9) He suddenly wanted his cycling backpack which I didn’t take to the park because it doesn’t exist.

10) I wouldn’t let her eat the bath bomb.

11) I handed her the wrong pink marker.

12) He finished his cheese stick when I opened another one he flipped out because it wasn’t a new one he wanted. He wanted his old cheese stick which he already ate.

13) He wanted to get on the bus. The bus is on TV.

14) His mom didn’t let him hold his poop in his hands.

15) He was told to stop biting the cat.

16) Wouldn’t let her buy woman’s razor. 

17) I wouldn’t let her throw books at my face.

18) He asked for a yellow cup, so I gave him a yellow cup. Now his life is ruined.

19) Because she doesn’t have more toes to paint.

20) I won’t let him eat cat food.

21) So my mommy flushed my poop before I can even say goodbye to it. All my hard work is gone. 

22) I won’t let him eat the trash.

23) The daffodils are gone and I can’t bring them back.


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