A unique topless photo of a Palestinian protester in Gaza is going viral. It is being compared to ‘Liberty, the classic French Revolution painting. He can be seen grasping the Palestinian flag with his one hand and then his other hand can be seen whirling over his head a slingshot. Since this photo has gone viral comparison is being drawn with the classical painting of the ‘Liberty’ which depicts the French Revolution and the protests for the liberty of the Israel held Gaza strip.

The young Palestinian has been found to be 20 year old A’ed Abu Amro who can be seen in the thick of their protest against the Israeli occupation and blockade. He can be seen in absolute contrast to his fellow activists clothed in defensive jackets behind him. In the background can be seen the thick black smoke emitting from burning tires. This picture has been tweeted more than 5000 times till then and is still  going strong. A’ed Abu Amro protests in similar fashion every Monday and Friday.

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A’ed told to Al Jazeera news that he was surprised on seeing the picture of him going viral. He further said that he took part in such protests every week without fail. However, he never bothers to see if a photographer near him clicking on his camera.

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Amro came to know of this tweeting photo when his friends sent him the image. According to Amro this photo clip was taken in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza and from the next day was being shared on the social media. Amro further said that he didn’t protest against the Israeli occupation to get his pictures getting clicked and shared. He now felt encouraged after seeing his photo being splashed over the media.

He informed that he carried the same flag at all the protests he had attended. He quipped that his friends taunted him and told him it is easy to throw stones than holding a flag. He wished to be covered in that same flag if he got killed some day and that they were demanding their rights to get back their territories and dignities for their future generations.

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Till the time of reporting, the Palestinians have been protesting for over seven months along the border fence with Israel to be given back their lands and homes from where they were thrown out 70 years ago. The agitators also want an end to the devastating Israeli blockade ensuing for the last eleven years.

The Israeli armed forces have killed nearly 205 Palestinians since the demonstrations began on 30 March. The dead not only count in terms of Palestinians but also journalists and paramedics. The injured amount to more than 18,000.

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Laleh shared the photo of Amro. She is a professor at SOAS University. She followed it up with the picture of Liberty, leading the French People to the revolution in which King Charles X of France was overthrown in July, 1830.

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