Pacquiao vs Thurman: The Rivalry Between Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman gets Personal

    Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman boxing match

    Pacquiao vs Thurman seemed like a match that was thrown in together out of nowhere. However, of late, as the press tours have begun, the rivalry has begun to grow personal as trash talk between the two has officially begun. The Pacman, who is known for being rather calm and composed was upset after some recent remarks that his opponent Keith Thurman made.

    Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman boxing

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    Let us take a closer look at this as well as measure the odds of who is winning this match between the two:

    Pacquiao vs Thurman: Trash Talk Begins

    Buboy Fernandez, with whom the Pacman is training, claimed that while Manny Pacquiao is usually calm and cool, he hasn’t been happy with how Thurman has been behaving. He said that while Pacquiao never really badmouths anyone, he has been calling Thurman a “hambog (braggart) and mayabang (arrogant)” in Filipino.

    Pacquiao vs Thurman date

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    Thurman even talked about ‘crucifying’ Pacquiao and making him disappear from the ring. He further went personal when he attacked his political career saying that he will send Pacquiao back to the Senate. This has added a touch of personal rivalry to the Pacquiao vs Thurman bout.

    Who Is Winning? Manny Pacquiao or Keith Thurman?

    Pacquiao vs Thurman Pacquiao winning

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    At the moments the odds are split almost 50/50 in support of both men. Earlier in Pacquiao vs Thurman, it was advantage-Thurman, but the odds soon went in favour of the Pacman as well, giving him an equal shot at defeating Thurman. This is going to be a close call, but the unbeaten Thurman has an advantage of being younger and in his prime.

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