The family of Pablo Escobar is in need of your help for making another person disappear. President Trump is on their list this time and it is not going to be easy at all.

The Go Fund Me Campaign

GoFundMe campaign has been initiated by the deceased Colombian drug kingpin’s brother Roberto, aka El Osita. With the help of the campaign, Roberto seeks to raise around $50 million through donations for bolstering the efforts of his company in order to impeach the U.S. President.

Roberto along with his associates at Escobar Inc. are soliciting everyone and anyone to raise funds for their crowd funding page for financing lobby firms, lawyers and intelligence research that would ultimately lead to the downfall of Trump in Congress.

Impeach Trump Go Fund Me Campaign poster
Credits: Kimo News

It is claimed by Roberto that he has already got some filth on President Trump from earlier enterprise dealings between the Escobar firm and DT amidst other issues. As per Roberto, soiled techniques and secrets on Trump that Robert Mueller would want to hear. He said,

I’m the brother of a Latino hero, I’ve eradicated many individuals from energy … Trump might be impeached.

Roberto called his brother a ‘Latino hero’ and took a vow to topple the President. GoFundMe campaign was launched by him amidst the partial shutdown by the government. He has eliminated a lot of people from power and now it’s time for the impeachment of President Trump.

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US President Donald Trump
Credits: The Sun

The promotional poster of the campaign promises,

We, the people will impeach Donald Trump with Pablo Escobar’s family holding dirty secrets of President Trump, his family and associates.

The full proof plan of the campaign has not been drafted yet, but as per the sources, the campaign has set into motion and soon hopes to raise $50 million. The page creators are being asked how the money will be disposed.

Source: TMZ, The Sun