Ozark has been renewed for Ozark Season 3, people can’t wait to see the Byrdes back in action. Last year, the news was confirmed by Jason Bateman (Martin ‘Marty Byrdes) in a tweet. Before we move on to discuss the plot line of Ozark Season 3, let’s have a recap of Season 2.

What happened in Ozark Season 2?

Financial adviser Marty Byrdes has to shift along with his family from Chicago to Missouri Ozarks. Byrdes has to launder around $500 million for a criminal drug boss. As story moves ahead, things only get difficult for the Byrdes family. Marty finally sets up a casino boat in motion for paying up the Mexican cartel money.

What’s the plot line of Ozark Season 3?

After Marty set up his casino boat, we can assume that most of the events will take place there only. The murder mystery of Cade Langmore is still not solved. So the investigation will continue with the hopes to find the culprit soon. This will be a major plot point of the third season.


Things are not as simple as you think. Cade Langmore himself murdered a police officer before his death. This further complicated the things. The investigation may also bring Marty Byrdes in the spotlight.

This will be very problematic for him as he is into an illegal money laundering business.

Ozark Season 3 Coming to Netflix
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When will Season 3 release?

The first two seasons of the show came out with a year’s gap. As the announcement for the third season is already out, we can expect to see it by summers this year.