Manny Pacquiao has been invited to speak in England before the Oxford Union on Monday, November 5. It will be followed by an announcement of his upcoming Welterweight title defense against Adrien Broner in a press conference.

An article in the Philippine Star written by Quinito Henson has informed that Pacquiao has received this invitation from the prestigious debating society of the Oxford University’s Oxford Union.

Stephen Horvath, the president of the Oxford Union informed that Pacquiao presence will be a continuance of the society’s excellent tradition of inviting and hosting world leaders of various fields from their platform.

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Pacquiao has 11 world titles under his belt. He is the first and only world champion in eight divisions. This information was also provided by Horvath. He heaped praise on him saying that his brilliance and great speed during fights have made him a really renowned boxer.

It is expected to be Pacquiao’s third visit to the United Kingdom. Earlier he had visited the U.K in 2009 in order to promote his fight against the English boxer Ricky Hattson. Then in 2015 Prince Harry had invited him for a visit to the Buckingham Palace.

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