Many companies don’t pay decent wages to their employees for the hard work they put in. And it can lead to sever consequences that enterprises don’t realize.

Redditor u/slw_motion_trainwrck recently shared why he left his low-paying and extremely exhausting IT job at a big multinational firm. He also expressed that the business lost $40 million. He made three extensive posts on r/antiwork. The post is reveling the poor wage system.

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Financial expert Sam Dogen, and the author of ‘Buy This, Not That: How to Spend Your Way to Wealth and Freedom’ was kind enough to be willing to answer some questions that Hiptoro had about the poor wage system.

“The best way to gauge if you are underpaid is to ask your colleagues and other people in your industry what they are getting paid. They might be hard-pressed to reveal their figures at first. Therefore, you can ask for a range and also volunteer your wage and ask for their guidance. Getting average wages for your job based on online websites is not too helpful given their numbers are averages and all over the place,” he shared with us that employees should be confident and ask their respective firms why they are underpaid.

According to financial expert Sam, the good employee knows their value. “The more an employee is irreplaceable, the more valuable the employee is. Therefore, if you know that your business will run just fine without you for one month or longer, you may not be as valuable as you think,” he said. “On the other hand, if you feel your business will suffer if you’re out longer than a week, then you are considered more valuable. No manager wants to lose a valuable employee because it takes a lot of time to find and train a new employee.”

An IT specialist, who was very overworked and incredibly underpaid, decided that he wanted better work conditions

However, the multinational company was less than friendly and drove itself into a huge financial mess as a result. Here’s the full story

He then summed up the story in one short sentence

It is okay to worry about the risk of a job. But an employee should acknowledge their self-worth and express how the organization is benefiting from their efforts.

“You can also suppress your fear by actually trying to get laid off! It sounds counterintuitive, but if you are truly a valuable employee, you may want to try and negotiate a severance and find a new job for better pay, benefits, and title. Having the courage to try and negotiate a severance means you really know your worth,” the expert said.

I actually wrote a book on how to negotiate a severance entitled, ‘How To Engineer Your Layoff: Make A Small Fortune By Saying Goodbye.’ I negotiated a severance in 2012 worth six years of normal living expenses. I could have worked for another firm after, but I decided to just be free,” he shared.

The Redditor shared a few details about his job. He expressed that he was the only person from IT support who managed 3 factories.  He earned $31k per year, while their superior had earned thrice as much when they were doing the same job a while back.

According to u/slw_motion_trainwrck, he was nearly working 16 hours a day and worked every single day without breaks for over a year. He didn’t have even take any holidays and did not even enjoy his birthday and family events.

Eventually, he was tired of the way he was working and decided it was enough. He was given an annual raise of $800, but he decided to look for better-paying and manageable working hour jobs. When he finally gave in his two weeks notice, the IT specialist found that the multinational company was doing its best to make his life a living hell.

However, Karma played its role and made the company lose $40 million a day after he officially left the job.

“When an automotive manufacturer completely shuts down production on about 10 assembly lines… costs add up very quickly. That is hundreds of salaries every single minute to reimburse… so when I say that it cost the company $218,000 per minute, that is an exact factual number,” the Redditor noted.

Here’s how people reacted to the story about huge financial losses and management’s refusal to provide their employees with a proper wage

Previously, fitness expert Jack Bly told Hiptoro about the relationship between our health and our jobs. He explained we’re able to perform with efficiency at our jobs if we are healthy. So prioritizing our fitness, diet, and rest is vital if we want to succeed in life.

“To increase our work output, the #1 place I look at is health. Better health leads to more energy, more focus, and more productivity. To improve our health and ultimately our output, we need to make sure we’re doing things like sleeping 7-8 hours consistently, [having] good nutrition, [and maintaining] consistent exercise,” he told us.

“Prioritizing things like workouts actually give us more energy rather than take energy,” he pointed out, saying that there is a “night and day difference in our output” when we eat well, move enough, and get enough sleep.

Jack noted that the hours we work are irrelevant. All that matters is what we do with them. “What truly matters is true output/results you can get. Person A: works 8 hours to get X work done Person B: works 3 hours to get the same X work done. Which person would you rather be?”

The Redditor explained why he stuck with his awful job for such a long time, in a very candid follow-up post