There is something about the tube that makes us fascinated with the odd and wacky things happening down there. When we step on the platform to catch a train, we immediately notice how the laws of order stop working. Life over there is not boring because millions of people use the underground system to get from point A to point B every day.

We can see these shenanigans firsthand thanks to the ‘Overheard On The Underground’ Facebook page. Enjoy sitting on the tube instead of paying for a sauna. The creator asked. Random is probably a daily occurrence if you use the tube on a daily basis. There was a woman with false teeth and a monkey in a wheelchair. They stated in the description that the page shared the most amusing and bizarre pictures of things people spotted below the surface.

Some of the best posts from Bored Panda represent the weirder side of humanity and give us a glimpse into the underground world. It is stranger than fiction. You can upvote the ones that made you laugh.








It’s no secret that many of us are used to our routines and spend most of our time focused on the ground. Thankfully, the ‘Overheard On The Underground’ Facebook page offers us a fresh look into the London tube system and showcases everything we might have missed out on. Over 16.4K individuals appear to partake in the substance they share, whether it’s photos of funny messages on notice sheets, problematic advertisements on bulletins, or individuals gladly embracing their genuinely distinctive varieties. All things considered, the metro is surely a strained climate. Consider all the strain that amasses the second you enter the station: individuals going around, racing to their foundation at a lightning rate, and yelling at whoever holds them up.










With such countless individuals caught in a little restricted space, a few people will undoubtedly stick out in contrast to everything else, and we positively love watching them. Evidently, The London Underground invites around 1.35 billion travelers consistently, Statista reports. The most active station in the organization is King’s Cross St. Pancras, where north of 90 million passages and ways out were recorded every year throughout recent years.






The London Tube was laid out as the Metropolitan Railway which started working in 1863, being the world’s most memorable train administration working underground. It was worked as a method for lessening road clog and keeping in mind that there was a lot of interest in this original technique for transport, it wasn’t the most agreeable method for getting around. The first trains were driven by steam, so the weighty air and extreme smell would overwhelm the passages, making them unfortunate for the travelers and the staff.

Years and years after the fact, electric trains followed, with The City and South London being the first. Since the passages were cylindrical, here’s where the expression “tube” arose and ultimately became utilized as an epithet for The London Underground. During the 1930s, a public association brought London Transport to dominate. They would run the whole underground framework and keep on doing so consistently. They started making gigantic extensions with new line stations that served and of the time even made new rural areas. In 2021, London flaunted the longest metro network in Europe more than 460 kilometers long.








Notwithstanding, the actual travelers are less happy with the London metro than transport clients somewhere else, naming security, neatness, and traveler conduct as the main pressing concerns they face day to day. Transport Focus and London TravelWatch reviewed workers for quite a long time in 2020 to get more familiar with their mentalities to the public vehicle framework. They observed that 70% of London Underground travelers were happy with the tidiness of administration contrasted with 76% of train travelers beyond London.








More than half of Londoners were pleased with the behavior of other passengers, and 76 percent were content with the ease of finding the information on when the services were running. Train passengers outside of the capital were more satisfied with nearly all of these points. “These results again show significant differences between London and the rest of the country.” Arthur Leathley, London TravelWatch Chair, said.








“It is good that people feel they can get travel information easily, but the results also highlight the need for TfL to make sure bus and Tube passengers feel safe and reassure them about the work they are doing to keep services clean,” Leathley continued. “We will continue to work with TfL to highlight the improvements that passengers want to see. The survey work we are doing with Transport Focus has provided us with some useful data and as more people start traveling, it will become even more valuable.”








Commuters are a difficult crowd to please. The time spent underground flies by because they find themselves in entertaining situations around the clock. Have you ever seen something that was very weird and funny while riding the train? We want to hear it, so be sure to tell us all about it in the comments.