When our life is miserable and messed up, we often compare it with the life of dogs, assuming that they have a tragic life. But what we don’t know is that they end up having a better life than our own. We might feel inferior if we compare our life with dogs. They manage to get their happy endings with a loving family. We can just hope to get even a part of their happiness for ourselves.

Here are some photos of little pooches that will make you realize that you haven’t hit the big time yet. These dogs have been spoiled by all the love. But they deserve it, obviously.

#1 My brother built a new room for his dog in his house.

#2 Her smile is proof that she loves her present!

#3 This dog’s life is better than mine.

#4 “Kiss my paw, you peasant!”

#5 “If you think that I hired a photographer to click my pup’s photo then damn you’re right!”

#6 I bought my dog a mini toy laptop. So he can at least look as if he’s supporting the fam.

#7 “OH BOY! Is it all for me? Let me eat it!!”

#8 I put dog treats in the Easter eggs. Then my dog goes on an Easter egg hunt.

#9 The artist literally nailed it. What a handsome hunk!

#10 A candlelight dinner with my better half.

#11 My dad made my dog sit in front while I, my brother, and my mom had to sit at the back.

#12 My mom redecorated our living room. She thought that it’s really necessary to buy our dog her own couch.

#13 My girlfriend loves her dog. So I got her a blanket of her dog and her dog a blanket of her


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So these dogs definitely have a better life than us. Anyone up for trading their lives with these pooches?