If you are up for a thrilling, dark series Oshi No Ko could be next on your watch list.

Oshi No Ko is an anime series produced by Doga Kobo Studio based on writer Asa Akasaka’s and illustrator Mengo Yokoyari’s seinen manga of the same name.

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Oshi No Ko: A proper guide to watch the anime in order, latest release date, and more!
Oshi No ko

Dr. Gorou, an obstetrician-gynecologist, after meeting his idol, 16-year-old Ai Hoshino, has his world turned upside down. As the story progresses, Ai Hoshinoko suddenly and unannouncedly arrives at Gorou’s hospital while pregnant.

Oshi No Ko: A proper guide to watch the anime in order, latest release date, and more!
Dr. Gorou from Oshinoko

Gorou assured her that he would deliver her baby without any problems. He had no clue that a chance encounter with a mystery individual would ultimately lead to his horrible demise. What happens next? Watch the anime to learn more.

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Here is a guide to watching the anime in order.

Oshi No Ko: A Guide to Watch the Series

Fans can start with the manga first. Published back in 2020, Oshi No Ko has published a total of 119 chapters in 11 volumes. You can read them in the following order.

Chapter 120 is slated to release next week on Manga Plus.

The manga has successfully sold 9 million copies raising the sales figures by 1 million.

Till now, only one season of the anime series has been released, which is currently ongoing, and no official confirmation has been made for the next season.

You can watch the anime series in the following order.

Oshi Noko Season

The next episode will soon be released on 7th June 2023.

You can watch the latest episodes of Oshi No Ko directly on HDive. Currently, it airs on local Japanese channels and is not yet released on Crunchyroll.