With year end Black Friday sale, many online shoppers are on look for super deals and offers. Hackers are targeting such online shoppers with the use of fake apps. So it is advised that all online shoppers should be extra careful while purchasing discounted TVs and laptops on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have hiked the spread of online apps which paves way for online forgery as well. Risk IQ, a cyber security firm reported that hackers see Black Friday as a feast for their hacking skills. Hackers use fake apps to access online shopper’s bank credentials. The report also said that if the online shoppers aren’t careful, their shopping on Black Friday to save money could turn out to be a disaster.

This year more people are expected to shop in Black Friday, hackers are also predicted to use well known brands to fool online shoppers looking for discounted deals on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Online shoppers typically spend around $19.6 Billion on Black Friday. The rise in credit card skipping group have increased the chance of online fraud and hacking.

Online hackers with the use of scam app to get the bank details of the shoppers will be using brand names of retail shops. But the names of the retail shops are not mentioned in the report, Amazon and eBay are few online retailers that could be used by the hackers.

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Hackers are always using social media platforms to spread fake apps. Shoppers are cautioned to download apps only from trusted source. Mr. Corrons also said that it would be pretty exciting to find an awesome deal, but one should always check if the discount is far below the market price, or if the deal looks too good to be true, if so then it is advised to not trust those deals.

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