One Plus mobile

OnePlus mobiles are very popular among techies all over the world. The Flagship Killer has stayed true to its tagline, ‘Never Settle’, by constantly providing the latest updates to users.

Just after one month of release of Android 9.0 Pie Update, OnePlus 6 users were able to try the beta update. Last December, the latest version of Android was available to OnePlus 5 and 5T users.

Now there are reports of OnePlus 3 and 3T testing beta updates. Starting from China last month, the global rollout of Android Pie will start. So, the question remains when will my OnePlus get the Update?

OnePlus Android Pie Update: What’s New in Store?

OnePlus 6T Android 9 New Features

The latest Android Version has changed the way we use our phone and made everything smoother. OnePlus runs on Oxygen OS 9.0 OTA update based on Android Pie.

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It comes with an Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness, which learns how we use our phones. It adjusts the setting as per the requirements and stops the apps from draining battery which we don’t use much.

Slices is a brand new feature which brings details into our search results. Intuitive Navigation allows switching between apps using Gestures. Digital Welbeing learns our phone use and makes adjustments along the way.

Android Pie supports using streams from multiple Camera together to include depth and bokeh. It also supports external USB/UVC cameras for certain models.  It has overall made the UI more stable and secure.

Android Pie Release Date for OnePlus

One Plus Android P Release Date

Since the release of Android Pie last year, OnePlus devices have been the first to get the updates, beating companies like Samsung, LG, and Motorola.

OnePlus 6 was the first phone from the company to get Android Pie update in September last year. The 6T version came with pre-installed Pie Android 9 OS. One plus 5/5T were updated in December.

The Company officials are saying that they are working hard with Google for Android Pie beta program. The Android will soon be available for every OnePlus phone.

There have been reports hinting that older devices like OnePlus 3/3T might have to wait further. The release of beta Pie in China last month suggests otherwise, which means the Android update will start rolling out in the next few months.

Android Q 10.0 for OnePlus?

Android Q for OnePlus

Since the launch of developer program for Android 10.0 Q (Name not decided), there are rumors saying that the latest Android Version will debut in May 2019.

There have been rumors that OnePlus 7 will release at the end of the year with the new Android Q. The older version like OnePlus 6 and others will get the update in next year.

Still, there are no solid reports or any kind of confirmation. It is all just speculation, which the new future will decide. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more OnePlus Updates and latest news.