The latest launch of the Google’s series of phones, One Plus 6T, is setting up high benchmarks for not just the phones of the same segment but also to the ones which are well above that price segment.

The company has a motto of providing the experience of Flagship phones within a price range that is not that flagship and One Plus 6T seems to be following the same.

The phone has not just a good processor which is available in two variants but also an amazing display, a long lasting battery life and greater than average camera sensors.

But that is not all; there is another supposedly the fourth, camera sensor in One Plus 6T which is hidden.

According to a popular Youtuber, JerryRigEverything, who did a lab test and revealed that there is a hidden camera at the in-display finger-print sensor.

On removing the various parts of the cover and then pulling out the in-display fingerprint sensor he revealed that fourth camera sensor which was hidden there. The exact purpose of this fourth hidden camera is not known though it has been assumed that it has been used to strengthen the performance of the in-display finger.

The hidden camera has been placed very close to the AMOLED display. The Youtuber stated that though One Plus is using this technology for the in-display finger-print sensing but this can be used in a similar manner for the selfie cameras as well which therefore means that in the future we can get rid of the notch.

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In the video uploaded by the Youtuber, Jerry, the camera can be seen attached to the sensor which is built to read the fingerprints when it is illuminated by the green light animation.

Source: GadgetsNow, Forbes