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OnePlus is the flagship killer. There are facts as to why the phone is the flagship killer. OnePlus 6 has the same premium features as its pricey counterparts such as Pixel 2 and iPhone X which also includes the cameras.

Some of the tech reviews have taken the iPhone X and OnePlus 6 to the vivid Mission district San Francisco. The tech reviewers put the cameras of the flagship killer out in the open.

The reviewers placed the phone on the dual phone rig for most stills and video shots. They also took some shots very separately from a similar angle.

Shimmering iPhone X with notch display.
iPhone X with notch display. Credits: Tech Radar

On paper, OnePlus 6 looks like a formidable smartphone. It is same as the iPhone X. Both the phone have dual camera setup on the rear side of the phone. Both the phones have the same aperture and megapixels.

OnePlus 6 has one of the biggest advantages. It has narrower aperture on both of the lenses and also has a higher megapixel count on the front-facing camera.

Camera: OnePlus vs iPhone X

Given that the phones are placed side by side, the shots seem like they have been taken from different angles.

This is because OnePlus has a slightly wider field of view and because of this people will get better pictures. The wide angle lens also means people will get a little bit of distortion around the edges.

The images colour contrast is better on iPhone X.
iPhone X captures better colour contrast than One Plus 6. Credits: Unblock Boot

General shots of scenery and landscape on the iPhone X looked brighter and they also came with richer color reproduction.

Whereas, the images on OnePlus 6 were dull and had less saturation. This is not a bad thing.

Given that OnePlus 6 takes a dull shot, it still managed to capture the foggy San Francisco day better compared to iPhone X.

Design: OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X

Both OnePlus 6 and iPhone X have glass backs with metal edges. This is the only similarity between the two devices.

OnePlus 6 is a little bigger than the iPhone X, and at the same time, OnePlus 6 is slightly heavy. iPhone X weighs 174 grams whereas OnePlus 6 weighs 177 grams. Each of the devices feels premium. Both the smartphones look ravishing.

Dual Camera Set-up on One Plus 6.
One Plus 6 with a glass back and dual-camera setup. Credits: Tech Radar

iPhone X and OnePlus 6 has a notch display on the top of their screen. People can hide OnePlus 6 within the settings menu of the phone. This makes the phone black out a little to the sides of the notch.

OnePlus 6 has three color variants, namely silk white, midnight black, and mirror black. iPhone X, on the other hand, comes with simple black and white color variants.

iPhone X also has a glass back.
iPhone X with the glass back and dual-camera setup. Credits: BGR

Apple went with the Face-ID. OnePlus 6 has a fingerprint scanner on the rear. Face-ID needs a person’s face to unlock the device. iPhone doesn’t come with a fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus 6 also comes with a facial unlocking feature, but it is better to use the fingerprint sensor as well.

Display: OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X

When the devices are locked, the screen looks alike. Nevertheless, there is a lot of notable differences.

OnePlus has a 6.28-inch optic AMOLED display, and it comes with a Full HD+ 1080 x 2280 resolution. iPhone X has a Super AMOLED display, but it is smaller with 5.8-inches. The devices have a better resolution at 1125 x 2436.

iPhone packs more pixels than OnePlus 6, simple physics. OnePlus has a 402ppi and iPhone X has 458ppi.

iPhone X - Expensive like medical treatment.
The most lucrative phone in the world. Credits: Tech Radar

Power: OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X

OnePlus 6 runs the latest Google Android Pie 9 Operating System below company’s Oxygen OS UI. The User Interface looks premium. The phone also looks top-end. The company will support OS Updates for the device for a minimum of two years.

Apple iPhone X run the latest iOS 12 OS. This is one of the advanced mobile operating systems in the world as of now.

Snapdragon 845 powers the OnePlus 6. The phone comes with 6GB or 8GB RAM and 64/128/256 GB ROM.

iPhone X is powered by A11 Bionic chipset with 3GB RAM with 64/256 GB ROM.

Source: GSMArena, TechRadar

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