One Punch Man manga Shonen Jump release is finally happening

    One Punch Man manga Shonen Jump release is finally happening

    One Punch Man is the story of a hero who can easily take down any opponent just by a single punch. It went on to become a fan favorite after the first season of One Punch Man came out in the year 2015. However, if you’re a fan who hasn’t read the manga and have just seen the anime, we’re sure that you are hungry to know what happens next in One Punch Man.

    One Punch Man Manga is out for Online Purchase

    One-Punch Man Manga Online Purchase

    The One Punch Man manga is out for purchase in both, digital and physical form at popular retailers like Amazon. The One Piece manga was also available on Comixology and Kindle in the past. Shonen Jump platform fans haven’t been able to go through the whole thing per chapter so far.

    Current Digital Release of Manga is behind Japanese Stores

    One-Punch Man Manga

    The digital release for One Punch Man on Shonen Jump is currently running behind the stores in Japan, however, whatever they have to read will surely get more fans to speed up everything that has taken place post the first season events of One Punch Man.

    First-time readers find themselves stuck on One Punch Man, enjoying complete archives of the manga on the digital Shonen Jump Platform for about $1.90 a month.

    One Punch Man Anime: Release Date

    As far as the One Punch Man anime is considered, the second season has been given a green light by Viz Media and will officially release on April 9. You may stream it on Hulu.

    One Punch Man anime fans may also stream it on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Fans may also see the dubbed version of season one for free on Viz website.

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