One Piece creator has some interesting insights when it comes to finishing the art pieces. Eiichiro Oda has spent many years with the Straw Hats. He might have discovered some shortcuts that help him finish the work on time. But, some of the fans are not too happy with a few things.

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Oda usually uses controversial techniques to draw women. And the hard core fans might also be surprised to know how he actually does it. According to Kotaku, Oda once revealed how he drew the One Piece women and brought them to life.

How does the One Piece creator draw women?

Apparently, he revealed that he has a formula to draw the heroines in proportion. He wrote, “The proportions of the women are an X and three circles.” Of course, many fans got offended as to how the women in One Piece have been portrayed. Oda revealed that he often got complaints about how he depicted women with heavy busts and super slim waists. But, he also admitted that he does that purposely to continue the overblown look of the entire series. Nevertheless, there are a few characters in the series which have believable body types. And Oda was not about to begin that trend with Boa Hancock or Nami.

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One Piece manga Nami

Records of the manga

The serialization of One Piece began in 1997 in Weekly Shonen Jump. Since then, it has been a huge commercial success. The One Piece manga also has a world record of the maximum number of published copies by a single writer. And it has sold more than 430 million copies which made it the best selling manga in the world.