One Piece Episode 1060 is the upcoming episode in the Wano Arc. The episode will be adapted from chapters 1032 and 1033 of the manga.

One Piece Episode 1060 Release Date, Time, Preview, Watch Online, and More
One Piece Anime Episode 1060 Released Date Announced

One Piece Episode 1060 Release Date and Time

Episode 1060 of One Piece will air on Sunday, April 30th, next week. Episode 1060 is titled “Secrets of Enma! The Cursed Sword Entrusted to Zoro”.

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Please note that the release time of episode 1060 may vary depending on your region.

One Piece will maintain its regular release schedule for the following week of April. The episodes of One Piece usually release after 1.5 hours from the official release in Japan.

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Vann Oba・( Available for work )✨
After 1 year!~ I'm back to be working on One Piece !
On Episode #1059.
Really Thankful for ''Tu Yong-Ce'' for such opportunity ! And the PA Shiraishi-san for being patience with me.

More to come in the future ^_^
Hope you guys get to enjoy it !!

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What to Expect from One Piece Episode 1060?

The production company of One Piece, Toei, has not revealed a single piece of information about the One Piece episode 1060 plot. However, Toei did give us a sneak peek at the end of episode 1059 of One Piece. In case you have missed the preview of the upcoming episode, here it is.

One Piece Episode 1060 Release Date, Time, Preview, Watch Online, and More
One Piece Episode 1060 is Still a Top Secret

In episode 1060, the focus will be shifted to Zoro. A rematch between the King and Zoro will be arranged, as per the preview hinted in the last episode.

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Toei Animation
Zoro faces his toughest adversity in King! Catch the next episode of #OnePiece (#1059), premiering tonight on simulcast streaming! ⚔️🏴‍☠️🔥

In the fight between Zoro and King, Zoro will have a quick flashback of his part in the East Blue, specifically his time at the dojo, where he met a man who gave him some important advice about swords.

One Piece Episode 1060 Release Date, Time, Preview, Watch Online, and More
One Piece is Streaming on Crunchyroll

As the battle between Zoro and King gets intense, Zoro finds out the true identity of the man and how his words will help him in unlocking the full strength of Enma.

Where to Watch Episode 1060 of the One Piece Anime Series?

One Piece Episode 1060 is available to stream online on Crunchyroll. Apart from that, fans can also turn to Netflix to watch the One Piece anime series, but the latest episodes are limited and exclusive on Crunchyroll.