One Piece Ending is generating a lot of excitement. Who will be the final villain of the Manga? One Piece manga was first started publishing 26 years ago and is still ongoing.

There have been multiple speculations as to what the ending of One Piece would be like and who would be the final villain. fans have been talking about One Piece Ending on various platforms. There was a recent post on the One Piece Reddit on who the final Villain of the series is going to be. The thread was posted a day ago by u/FreedomOfSpeech789.

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One Piece Ending revealed
One Piece ending: who will be the final villain?

Are We Heading Towards One Piece Ending?

The One Piece manga has been published since July 1997 in Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. The writer and artist of the series are Eiichiro Oda. It is one of the longest ongoing anime with over 1000 episodes published and accumulated in 105 tankōbon volumes.

One Piece is also one of the best-selling manga and anime series with 516.6 million copies in circulation in over 60 countries. Naturally, this has led a lot of fans to speculate about One Piece Ending.

One Piece ending will definitely be the biggest event in anime and manga
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Although, no official announcement has been made by the mangaka Eiichiro Oda or Shonen Jump magazine about the update on One Piece Ending. At the JUMP Festa Super State 2023, Oda talked about the ending of the anime. He had initially stated that the manga would come to an end soon.

However, he stated that he had exaggerated this. Oda also said that eventually, the manga will come to an end in a few years as he is planning on finishing it. He also said it won’t be rushed as he will take his time to address all the plot points and stories to address and give the manga a satisfying ending.

As we all know, the ending of a manga or anime can make or break the whole story. Hence, for a manga like One Piece, which has been ongoing for 26 years, a good and satisfying ending is the only way forward. Therefore, if the author decided to take a few more years to do so, fans might as well enjoy the ride hoping for a good ending.

Thread on the r/OnePiece subreddit

The series has started its final arcs, but there are still many wars to be fought for Luffy and his Straw hat pirate buddies. The main question is who the final villain will be. The Reddit post discussion was about a poll on who the final villain of the manga would be. The options were

Many Redditors commented on either Blackbeard or Imu. They are two of the strongest characters to be introduced in the manga so far.

Who will be the final villain of One Piece?
by u/FreedomOfSpeech789 in OnePiece

Marshall D. Teach is the admiral of the Blackbeard pirate squad and is commonly called the Blackbeard. He is also one of the four emperors. He is one of Luffy’s archenemies, but what makes this character so strong? Blackbeard is the only known person in One

Piece history to wield the power of two devil fruits. Yami Yami no Mi is a devil fruit that allows the consumer to control and create darkness at will.  Gura Gura no Mi is a devil fruit that allows the consumer to create earthquakes at will. Blackbeard has consumed both these fruits making him both a Darkness Human and a Tremor Human.

Another major villain that the commenters were stating is called Im or Imu. They are the secret monarch sitting on the Empty Throne at Mary Geoise of the One Piece universe. They are the highest sovereign of the government and the five elders bow down to him.

The only glimpse of the character that we get is a silhouette. They have been kept a secret from everyone else in the government and the rest of the world. Very little is known about this person, their abilities and the power that they possess. However, it has been insinuated that this person is very strong and powerful.

A glimpse of Im Sama in  One Piece Ending
A glimpse of Im Sama in the One Piece manga.

One Piece reddit comment

The commenters are sceptical if both these supervillains are going to team up or if Luffy will join Blackbeard to defeat Im Sama. The final battle will mostly take place between the former comrades later on when they find the final treasure, One Piece in the island of Laugh Tale.
One Piece Ending
While some believe that Shanks or Zoro might end up being the final villain in One Piece Ending.
One Piece Ending
One Piece Ending

While many are skeptical about who the final villain will be, Many seem to agree that it should be either Blackbeard or Im Sama. Either way, all we can do is wait and watch how the mangaka will finally end the manga. Fans can be sure that with so much effort put into the series so far, we can expect a satisfying ending.Read the latest chapter and the upcoming ones on Viz Media. 

One Piece Ending

This journey began with the release of this astounding trailer: