One Piece Chapter 975 Release Date, Spoilers Denjiro will save Momonosuke and Capture Kanjuro

One Piece Chapter 975 will feature the ultimate alliance of Luffy, Law and Kid going against Kaido’s men in a big naval battle. The three of them have allied together and saved the Scabbards from the Beast Pirates. But at the same time, Kanjuro was revealed as the traitor and he might try to escape with Momonosuke in One Piece 975 manga chapter.

The traitor Kanjuro will deliver Oden’s son to Orochi but his plan might be foiled by Denjiro who has taken the identity of Kyoshiro in the Flower Capital. The traitor vs traitor fight in “One Piece” Chapter 975 will be very interesting and prove which one of them is a better actor. Here are more details on One Piece Chapter 975 release date, spoilers, predictions, raw scans leaks and how to read online the manga chapters.

One Piece Chapter 975 Spoilers: Denjiro vs Kanjuro Traitor Fight

One Piece Chapter 975 Spoilers Denjiro vs Kanjuro Traitor Fight

One Piece Chapter 975 will start with a chase across the sea as the Scabbards will try their best to stop Kanjuro from escaping. The traitor is working on Orochi’s orders and has kidnapped the son of Oden and will deliver him to the enemy. It could be a big problem for Luffy and the other Pirates in One Piece 975 manga chapter if Momo is held hostage during the battle with Kaido.

There are fan theories which suggest that Kanjuro will run with Momonosuke to the Flower Capital and meet Kyoshiro (The dog of the Shogun) for help. But Kanjuro doesn’t know that Kyoshiro is actually Denjiro in disguise and will be reunited with his fellow Scabbards. One Piece Chapter 975 could show that Kanjuro is killed or captured and it will break his heart when he realizes that Denjiro is a better actor and spy compared to him.

One Piece Chapter 975 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

One Piece Chapter 975 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

One Piece Chapter 975 will release in manga stores on Sunday, March 22, 2020 as there will be no more hiatus. However, the raw scans for the manga will be leaked online 2-3 days prior on the internet around March 20 and fans will start discussing the spoilers of One Piece 975 over Reddit and other social media platforms.

Although, it would be better to wait for the official release of One Piece chapter 975 English version. One Piece manga chapters can be read for free on VIZ media and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and Mangaplus official websites and platforms, and this would also help the manga creators.

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