One Piece Chapter 942 was pretty decent, giving us a huge amount of information regarding Yasu before he got executed. Many have wondered about the goals of Yasu and his true origin since very long and now fans have received their last answer.

One Piece Chapter 943: Updates

One Piece Chapter 943- Updates

The whole chapter was about Yasu and while it did reveal a lot about the character, it was also really disappointing as it released after two long weeks. We all can’t wait for the upcoming chapter and this post shall reveal the release date and some potential spoilers.

Before we start with One Piece, we would like readers to know that the article may have some One Piece spoilers. If you avoid such spoilers, we advise you to stop right here but then, if you are fine with them, let’s move ahead. Also, Hiptoro didn’t leak these spoilers, they’re everywhere on the net.

One Piece Chapter 943: Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 943- Spoilers

One Piece 943 will not come out this coming week. Many fans are disappointed as One Piece recently took a break. The golden week we had last week will be elongated. This coming week, Oda shall take a break which falls post every four chapter.

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This time there are no One Piece spoilers, however, we all know that it’ll be one of the last chapters of the Wano Country in One Piece.

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One Piece Chapter 943: Release Date

One Piece 942 will come out on 13th May. The next One Piece chapter will instead release on 20th May.