One Piece Chapter 939 spoilers: What happens in ‘Hyougoro doesn’t forget the way’?

One Piece Chapter 939 is going to release in a few days and we have all been waiting for the spoilers. And they are finally here!

So, looks like the chapter is not going to be that brilliant and we might find some plot progression too. The Act seems to be dragging itself. While,  Act 1 was swift and to the point in its delivery, the second Act is dragging its story very slowly. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start with the spoilers of One Piece chapter 939.

What is the title of the chapter?

The title of One Piece Chapter 939 is ‘Hyougoro doesn’t forget the way’. And this chapter is split up into two different parts. Zoro is going to be the focus of the intial part. And Luffy will be the focus of the second.


One Piece Chapter 939 plot

In the first part, Zoro will explain to Hiyori all about the rebellion . She reveals to him that she was not sent into the future. She also tells him that oToko knows about this secret and he is among the few of them. In the second part, Luffy will be going one-on-one against an Armadillo. Also, he will be trying Rayleigh’s deflection Haki technique. Ba Marigold and Sentomaru had also previously applied this technique. But, one thing to note here is that Luffy still hasn’t grasped it properly. And to prove this point, Hyougoro interferes in between to attack the Armadillo man with this technique. Needless to say, it surprises everyone. Also, Bepo is severely wounded and Law is going to try to save him as soon as possible.

One Piece Chapter 939 is going to release on 15 April 2019. And the scans of the chapter are going to release today, 12 April 2019.

Written by Kanishka

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