One Piece Chapter 933 Predictions

One Piece Chapter 933 is going to be the next in line when it comes to this iconic Manga series. While One Piece Chapter 932 came out earlier today, we eagerly anticipate the launch of One Piece Chapter 933. This chapter is expected to come out later this month.

One Piece Chapter 933 Spoilers
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We see in Chapter 932 that Shogun is hosting a banquet where he reminisces over his life. He also talks about Kouzuki Toki’s will, which seems important keeping the story in mind. Let us now take a look at what we expect to happen in the next chapter:

One Piece Chapter 933 Spoilers and Predictions

Considering that the 11 Ninja are now looking for Robin, we saw in One Piece Chapter 932 that Kyoushiro grabs his sword. In One Piece Chapter 933, it appears that it will now be revealed that Kyoushiro is actually a traitor. He does not swear his allegiance to Orochi.

One Piece Chapter 933 Raw Scans
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Amid all this chaos, it might also happen that Kyoushiro might even murder Shogun. If this happens, he is likely to usurp his place. Considering how nostalgic Shogun was in the previous chapter, this seems like a strong possibility.

One Piece Chapter 933 Raw Scans

As of this writing, the raw scans for Chapter 933 are not available. They are expected to be out by the 15th of February. We will update this space as soon as we get our hands on them!

One Piece Chapter 933 Release Date
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One Piece Chapter 933 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 933 release is all set to happen on the 18th of February, 2019. However, for those who want to know more about what happens next, keep following us for constant updates on One Piece!