One Piece Chapter 933 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 933 is scheduled to be released on 18th February and for those fans who are too impatient to wait, here’s a quick rundown of the spoilers, raw scans and even a recap of Chapter 932.

One Piece Chapter 932 “Shogun and Oiran” Recap

One Piece Chapter 933 Spoilers

We saw Robin trying to snoop around in Wano country and eventually getting caught by the Shogun Orochi Oniwabanshu, the ninja squad which serves Shogun Orochi. Her cover up of being a witching hour boy did not work and she was forced to flee. On the other hand, we saw Orochi talking about Toki’s prophecy and ultimately getting slapped by Komurasaki. Page One and Sanji’s fight continues in the episode.

Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 933

Some of the most plausible One Piece Chapter 933 spoilers and theories  include:

  1. One Piece Chapter 933 might reveal the real identity of Kyoushirou and what his intentions really are. It might not be a surprise if he refuses to serve Orochi, since a lot of fans believe that he wants to seize the throne. Fans can also expect to see further developments in Orochi’s castle.
  2. Also, Monkey.D.Luffy, who is the protagonist of the One Piece series, is expected to break out from the prison and be free again. Of course, Raizo would be the one to get the keys to his cuffs.
  3. In One Piece Chapter 932, Sanji revealed the power of his Raid Suit and in the upcoming episode, this will lead to the defeat of Page One. Also, Sanji might head to Ebisu Town after the fight ends.
  4. The previous chapter also showed Orochi getting ready to kill Komurasaki and this might lead to a lot of chaos and commotion in One Piece Chapter 933. In the midst of all this Robin might also head to Ebisu Town along with Brook, Nami and Shinobu.

Raw Scans and Release Date for One Piece Chapter 933

One Piece Chapter 933 release date

One piece will not have a scheduled break next week, so you can expect that One Piece Chapter 933 raw scans will be available to view online around 15th February 2019.