The recent Oscars Award function has gained a lot of attention. Whether it’s the celebrities’ fashionable clothes or Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, the function has kept everyone entertained. There was another surprising incident that took place, which was a lot sweeter.

Lady Gaga was chosen as the presenter for the Best Picture award, and she reportedly requested to present with Liza Minnelli. The audience cheered and gave Minnelli a standing ovation when she rolled on stage in her wheelchair. Gaga leaned down to Minnelli, held her hand, and said to her, “Do you see that? The public, they love you.”

Minnelli alternated between smiling and looking confused. She ruffled through some notes and admitted to Gaga, “I don’t understand.” It was okay. Gaga had Minnelli’s back and kept the attention on her positive while also helping her when she didn’t know exactly what to do.

After stumbling over the words on the teleprompter, Gaga told Minnelli, “I got cha.” And Minnelli can be heard whispering back, “I know. Thank you.” Watch this sweet interaction for yourself in the video below.

YouTube video

Many fans and Oscar viewers have been wondering why Minnelli is in a wheelchair and what is going on with her health.

Back in 2000, Minnelli suffered from a disease called encephalitis. At the time, her physician, Dr. Maurice Hanson, told Reuters, “Liza Minnelli has been a patient here for the last several days. She is being treated for viral encephalitis. She was quite sick and was in very serious condition but is now recovering well and we expect to release her in a few days.”

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More recently, in 2021, Minnelli turned to Facebook to debunk tabloid claims that her health was failing. She wrote, “Hey Kids! On the heels of my swell birthday celebrations with close friends, I have heard that the National Enquirer (whose circulation must be down) intends to post another absurd story about me.

They always quote an anonymous ‘close friend’ but never ever actually quote any of my real friends by name in any of their stories because they might get the truth. Please look at my recent Instagram/Facebook posts and tell me if you think I’m in bad shape, or not well and isolated from my friends.”

Just days ago, Minnelli was seen having dinner with George Hamilton. According to Suggest, she used a wheelchair and needed help getting in and out of a limo.

Minnelli has not been open about her health recently, but regardless, she seemed to appreciate the applause of the audience and the assistance of Gaga at the Oscars last night.