On Black Friday, more U.S. shoppers chose the computer over the mall

The United States just celebrated the Thanksgiving Day and the Black Friday, which was a holiday shopping season for the entire country.

This year the holiday shopping season of the country witnessed a great deal on increase in the preferences for online shopping rather than hopping the malls to purchase gifts for their loved ones.

This willingness of the citizens to sit back at home and shop online made the brick and mortar medium of shopping suffer due to decline in the traffic.

There has been a tremendous shift from the mall to online shopping which has compelled the retailers across the world to pump up their e-commerce business.

Source: amazonaws

Moreover there is a great impact of the early discounts as well as year round promotions in the sales.

There was a redefined importance of the Black Friday this weekend. There had been a belief in the past few years that the importance of the Black Friday was waning and with each passing year it was proved true.

However, things were not the same this year and the belief was broken as the shoppers who though did not turn to flocking at stores but they took to the online mode in order to make the purchases for the day.

A partner at the Deloitte and Touche LP, Mr. Bill Park stated that the online sales have now began to complement the in-store shopping of the weekends.

According to the analysts, retailers like Walmart and Amazon Inc have captured a greater share in the market because of both the online as well as the offline business.

They have captured the public in all possible shopping spheres thereby winning the transactions wherever it occurs.

According to the data of the Adobe Analytics, the online shopping on the Black Friday crossed $6 billion thereby increasing by 23 percent.

Source: NDTV, Reuters

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