A true animal lover knows the value of a long term commitment which he makes with a dog. A dog isn’t meant to be abandoned it its tough times. It’s certainly not a toy. It’s a commitment which includes taking care of the fur friend till the time it’s alive.

A part of people don’t realize the value of this commitment. For them, an old man in Italy has set up a perfect example of how dogs should be loved and taken care of.

Tonino Vitale was captured on a camera taking his dog for a walk which is pretty normal for a dog owner. But here’s the twist. Dylan is a 13 -year-old labrador who has arthritis and is crippled. Tonino still makes a great effort to take his friend on a walk every day. It’s hard but still, love makes you do things beyond imagination.

Dylan can hardly move with his two legs at the front. His legs at the back don’t work at all. Tonino, however, makes it comfortable for the dog so they can go for a walk.

Tonino said

For me, for my wife, who is an extraordinary woman, and who has become fond of him even more than me, Dylan is like our child.

Dylan has been in Tonino’s family for 13 years now. Initially, Tonino’s kids used to take of Dylan, But when they moved out, it was his responsibility to take care of Dylan. So he took the dog on walks for a change of scenery for the dog.

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Tonino said that Dylan was a great comfort after his dad died.

A clip of the generous owner taking care of his dog went viral on social media. Thousands of people praised him for such a kind effort.

A woman wrote: “He is a wonderful person who loves his dog as if he were his child. He is making so many sacrifices to help his dog live the best life. People like that deserve so much admiration, those who love animals understand.”

Is it too hard to give love to these voiceless friends? If you think it is, here is Tonino to teach you the real meaning of commitment we must make to our faithful friends.

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