Currently, the whole world is battling with the coronavirus pandemic. And social distancing is the only precaution that we all can take to protect ourselves from the deadly virus. Also, the use of masks in public places has been made mandatory. But, there are some people out there who are giving this a political view. And declaring their own right to choose whether they want to wear a mask or not. A similar incident happened in Florida where an old dude tried to enter Walmart and created a nuisance when he was stopped at the entry gate.

An old dude is back with a vengeance

An old dude is back with a vengeance 

This man fought his way into the Walmart store where the use of face masks was mandatory. This wild scene went down Saturday in Orlando. The old dude storms his way into the Walmart store, but unfortunately, an employee stops him at the door. But, the man doesn’t stop there though. He got physical and started pushing his way through, even shoving the masked employee out of his way. The employee continuously followed him inside the store. It was also told that the old dude was getting his germs all over the place by making such a big fuss.

It seems the two men were enough to handle the old dude. And in the whole video, we can hear the cameraman laughing it up. And obviously watching this was hilarious. We are astonished sometimes as it is very hard to believe that people around us can make issues on such small things too. Probably now this old dude will have to wait for a long time to use his discounts at Walmart. And this might make him realize what he did.

The old man responds angrily for being stopped for not wearing a mask

But we would advise you all to stay safe and follow the guidelines because they are meant for our benefit only. Also, if you have any such hilarious stories, do share them with us in the comments section below.