I have listed a couple of situations where people got scammed. They used their hard-earned money into buying a certain item only to find out that the item was not worth it.

Biggest Letdown I’ve Had In A While To Be Honest

Are you kidding me?

Doing the Lord’s work.

I’m sad, this is just sad.


This should be punishable by law. Truly worthy of this sub! from assholedesign

There’s a special place in hell for asshole cookie designers.

Save the extra plastic and just make a smaller bottle, please

I’ve been bamboozled.

Tea came in a pack of 4, faced forwards.

Bigger bottle, less tablets.

Apparently, 27 is “Approx 40”

This roll of stickers is really just a sheet of 20.

There’s just enough to fit in the window.

My box of staples was more box than staples.

Kobe beef package that hides 1/3 of the (missing) steak.

Packaging said “100% Silk”

Some leftover chocolate from Christmas.

I’ve been bamboozled!

My 6yo daughter spent her pocket money on this, cried that “it’s not fair”

I would like to thank Suave for increasing the size of their bottle by -17%.

To make this bucket of constructor set look full, they put a paper cone inside with some constructor pieces printed on it to make it less noticeable.

My disappointment is immeasurable.

Trying to hide their FACTORY from ruining their claim at being HOME MADE.

They knew what they were doing. It was perfectly placed in the box.

My bad… assumed I was buying a right AND a left earbud.

My bad… assumed I was buying a right AND a left earbud.