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#1 Corn Maze

To find out what fascinates us about the unsettling photos and videos, we spoke with Lisa Yaszek, a Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies at Georgia Tech where she researches and teaches science fiction as a global language crossing centuries, continents, and cultures. Lisa shared incredible insights into how our minds are captivated by them.

#2 Best Cinema Ever

#3 This Is True Fear

#4  War Changes You

“It’s hard for us to look away from unsettling photos and videos because they challenge our usual ways of perceiving and cataloging the world, disrupting our sense of ordered reality and even suggesting that reality might be something other than we thought it was,” Lisa told us.

She explained that “these photos and videos tend to revolve around grotesque juxtapositions of things that should not be together; they are objects that defy science and rationality and disturb our sense of scientific category. More often than not, they focus on disgusting bodies that are monstrous fusions of things that should be kept apart.”

The professor added that while these monstrous bodies are usually individual ones, they often suggest a larger universe that is seriously out of kilter as well.

#5 This Extremely Disturbing Face Swap

#6 Biblically Accurate Angel

#7 This Statue With A Beehive For A Head

The professor argues that it’s no surprise that humans are fascinated by oddly terrifying images and that there are whole online groups dedicated to sharing them. “Photos and videos are supposed to give us clear and accurate representations of reality; they assure us that we document and thus know the material world around us is methodical and consistent ways.”

But unsettling images can do the exact opposite, Lisa suggests. “They can undermine our faith in reality: either the camera does not lie and it has captured some monstrous rip in our own reality, or it does lie, and we have to recognize that we cannot even trust our own technologies to accurately document the world around us! Either way, it’s disturbing.”

#8 Mahatma Gandhi’s Statue After Some Prankster Added Red Lights To The Eyes Of It (San Francisco, 2019)

#9 I’m So Disturbed Yet Also Intrigued

#10 Amazing Halloween Costume

So you may wonder why we keep looking at these photos—and disturbing art in general? Lisa has an illuminating explanation. “Grotesque imagery is part of every culture and goes back to the dawn of civilization. Today, we actively seek out terrifying experiences by looking at grotesque photos, watching horror movies, and even going on roller coasters,” she said and added that “as humans, we seek out these terrifying artistic and cultural experiences for at least two different reasons.”

“First, as designed experiences, terrifying art and culture give us a way to engage with things that are disturbing, uncanny, and even utterly monstrous from a safe distance. Our psychological and mental categories for understanding the world are temporarily turned upside down, but we’re not directly, physically threatened by the grotesqueries we are looking at or experiencing, and we know eventually everything will return to normal,” Lisa explained.

#11 This Abandoned Hospital Had A Visitor Last Night

#12 This Is What Running Birds Look Like

#13 The Black Crack, A 65-Foot-Deep Fissure Along A Trail In Canyonlands National Park In Utah

Lisa argues that it leads us to a second important point. “It’s the pleasure that comes from looking at disturbing images: they give us an opportunity to exercise our minds and to play with reality ourselves. Suddenly, we become storytellers asking ourselves and each other: Where do these grotesque images come from? Who is behind them? How would I react if I encountered this object or situation in real life?”

The professor suggests that at their most provocative, horrifying images can even inspire real-world change: “And how do these images make me see my own reality differently?  What do I need to do in my own world to make sure this never happens? Terrifying and grotesque events are part of the human experience, and encountering them first in safe artistic and cultural spaces provides us with excellent ways to prepare for them,” she concluded.

#14 Sears Tower During A Blackout

#15 Woke Up Scared Stiff Last Night When I Noticed A Victorian Ghost Floating At The End Of My Bed. Took Me A Few Minutes To Realise It Was My Clothes On The Door

#16 280 Million-Year-Old Fossil Found In Western Australia, Photo By Tom Kapitany

#17 A British Tourist Filmed A ‘Monitor Lizard’ Coming Out From His/Her Toilet Bowl In Thailand

#18 A Whale Skeleton Found In The Hot Dunes Of Egypt

#19 Mother! I Request Your Soul!

#20 Fingers Without Nails

#21 Was Playing Video Games When I Heard A Sounds To My Left. Looked Over And Saw This

#22 Pregnant With Triplets

#23 Imagine Seeing One In The Middle Of The Road While Driving

#24 Eye Injury Causes Man’s Iris To Collapse

#25 Found This In My Apartment While Living In Japan. They Are Fast!

#26 At Vezio’s Castle In Italy There Are Lots Of These “Phantom” Like Statues

#27 The Tornado Showing Up Because Of The Lightning Strikes

#28 A Webcam Appeared In The Bottom Of My Computer Screen After It Blue Screened

#29 A Creepy Standing Goat.

#30 The Remains Of This Caribou In Greenland

#31 My Daughter’s Bat Morph Suit

#32  Oh No

#33 They Are Evolving

#34  This Jack O Lantern With Mold Growing From Inside

#35 Never Letting A Cat Touch Me Again