In this world where people are going gaga over time-lapse videos on Instagram and fidget spinners, even a simple thing can make us feel satisfied. Don’t you believe that? Okay, so tell how would you feel if you see smooth icing on a cake or perfectly aligned tiles? If you see a spotless lid on a yogurt cup or cool calligraphy? 

We know these oddly satisfying would satisfy your soul. And why wouldn’t it? After all, in this perfectly imperfect world, we want something that can make us feel relaxed. And surprisingly, symmetry, order, colors, and evenness makes us feel better. 

To give you a glimpse of how the world would look if it was perfect, we have listed a few pictures. You can just scroll down and soothe your perfectionist soul.
#1 Before & After Paint Job

#2 My Neighbors Tree Has The Perfect Fall Gradient

#3 Droplets On A Car Windshield During Sunset

If you like these pictures, you can follow the popular r/OddlySatisfying subreddit that has more than 5 million followers. This amazing group was created back in 2013 and its main aim is to celebrate “little things that are inexplicably satisfying.”

r/OddlySatisfying was actually inspired by another great subreddit group, r/mildlyinteresting. It says that “which was born out of a discussion in r/WTF about the need of a clearer categorical distinction between images that are evocative of WTF and those that would be more aptly described as ‘mildly interesting.’”
#4 Tree’s Shadow

#5 Perfectly Cozy, Curled Up Cats

#6 Perfect Snowflake That Fell On My Coat Yesterday

Kevin Allocca, the head of trends and culture at YouTube has said, “we don’t need to be able to explain why we like something in order for it to exist.”

Kevin further explained that “I think we’ve always had a desire to watch these types of things, but we just didn’t have the language for it. Now we do.”
#7 This Welding Job

#8 The Way This Cat Blends Into The Wood

#9 This Clean Ice

#10 This Sauna In Finland

#11 My Dad Laid New Decking Around An Old Tree!

#12 These Leaves In This Tree

#13 I Was Told On A Couple Of Art Subreddits You All Might Appreciate My Art

#14 This Mystique Cosplay Mid Merge (By Magnetomystique)

#15 This Cake (Credit: Malizzi Cakes)

#16 Amazingly Well-Stacked Carrots On A Pickup

#17 This Boulder With Stretched Bronze Does It For Me

#18 A Single Fallen Tree Holding Back The Duckweed In The Wetlands Of Louisiana

#19 These Rhubarb Pies

#20 I’m An Art Teacher And I Moved To A New School This Past Summer. The Previous Teacher Did Not Share My Love Of Organization. Behold The Before And After Of My Paper Closet!

#21 The Way The Veins Of The Leaf Align On The Creases Of The Hand

#22 My Friend Let Her Chickens Loose On A Watermelon. They Picked It Clean

#23 The Way The Snow Accumulated

#24 My Succulent’s Offshoot

#25 San Francisco Black Victorian

#26 This Scoop Of Peanut Butter

#27 I Kept On Passing This, So On The Third Night I Decided To Take A Picture

#28 Beautiful Apple Carving

#29 This Pic Of An Ending Day

#30 Perfect Resemblance Between Parrot And Mango

#31 A Picture Demonstrating How Smoke Is Particulate Matter Suspended In Air

#32 This Rubber Band Stuck In My Shoe

#33 A Flower I Found In Hawaii A Few Months Ago

#34 Piano Cake. Unbelievable To Look At. Very Talented Chef

#35 Another Finished Quilt Made By My Wife